Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tag! {{But not the Fun Game Type}}

  Hey everyone!  I was tagged by Sara at Sara Loves American Girl and Kellee at Saved by Grace, Chosen by Christ to do a 44-Step Tag!  Here's how it works:

--Tell 11 random things about yourself
--Answer 11 random questions from the person who tagged you  {{I'll be answering 22 questions because of being tagged twice.  :]}}
--Make up 11 random questions of your own
--Tag 11 people!

11 Random Bits:

  1. I am a VERY smiley person
  2. I was asked to go to the dance {my school spring dance :]} today!
  3. I am currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth
  4. I am currently writing a story called Authoress!
  5. I am going to rearrange my room this summer
  6. I think Autumn Miller's pretty awesome!  {{Look her up!}}
  7. A&W Cream Soda is my favorite type of soda!
  8. I LOVE Polyvore!
  9. I also adore Goodreads!
  10. I am wearing my "I Love Peeta" shirt as I type this! :O
  11. Tomorrow is my last religious ed. class {my youth group-type-o-thing!}
11 Random Questions from Sara:

Mechanical pencils or regular pencils?
Mechanical!  I hate sharpening pencils, and dull pencils.

Crayola or Rose Art?
Crayola for sure!

American Girl or Etsy doll stuff?
I've never gotten any doll stuff from Etsy, so American Girl!

Ponies or horses?
I don't know.  XD

Dogs or cats?
DOGS!  I have wanted a dog all my life!

Math or reading?
Reading.  Math is the worst subject.  XD

Spanish or French?
FRENCH!  It's so beautiful to listen to, plus I use it in dance.  :]

Dance or acting?
DANCE!  I couldn't live without it!

Dressing up or dressing down?
Dressing down for sure!  I hate dressing up. XP

Do you have any siblings?
A brother, two years older than me.  :]

What would you get if you were given $100 today?
Save up for my Canon Rebel T3!  :D

11 Random Questions from Kellee:

Roller coaster or water slide?
Water slide for SURE!

Last time you ate tacos?
Last week, I think?

Do you like bendy-straws?
Sure!  XD

What is one thing that always makes you angry?
Hmm.  When the girls that are branded as "popular" think wherever they're going is more important, so they push you out of the way without saying a word or looking at you in the hallway.  {{MINI-RANT!}}

Last time you traveled out of state?
Uh, not too long ago.  I went to Minnesota!

Can you do flips in the pool?
Yeah!  Not too well, but yeah!

Favorite flower?
Uh . . . Rue?  Only because it's the namesake of one of my favorite Hunger Games characters.  XD

Gummi Bears or Gummi Worms?

Lasagna or spaghetti?
Spaghetti for sure!

Bath or shower?

What is your favorite candy?
Take 5 candy bars!

My Random 11 Questions:

--Are you a dancer?

--Would you rather be an actress or a singer?

--Do you like the Hunger Games?

--Who is your favorite singer/band?

--Do you enjoy writing?

--Where do you want to live when you grow up?

--Do you plan on going to college {if you're not already in it}?

--What do you want to be when you grow up?

--Do you own a sock monkey?

--Do you like to COLOR?!

--Do you own any Sharpies?


  So, that was long!  XD  But I tag anyone, I can't figure out just 11 people.  XD



  1. Hey! I love Autumn Miller to... Well except for the Single Ladies dance she was in... but I love her solo Via Dolorosa!

    1. I haven't seen her Single Ladies dance, but I LOVE that solo! It's beautiful!


  2. Replies
    1. Peeta is my favorite book character in an AMAZING book series called The Hunger Games. :]



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