Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Dream

  Just the other night, as I was reading over that phenomenally boring chapter for social studies, a dream of mine came in to my head, kind of an odd dream, maybe a bit cliche, but a dream nonetheless.

I want to travel the world with a Canon Rebel, photographing everything and playing tourist.

  And now I'm hooked.  This just HAS to happen some time.

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  I want to walk around beautiful cities in Europe, dressed in a dainty little vintage dress with big glasses and bright red lips, my camera in my hand.

via weheartit

  I want to hold my suitcase and sit on it, studying maps.

  I think this dream should certainly come true.  Maybe one day, when I have a job as a dance teacher, but photograph and write every day on the side.  Maybe then, maybe then.


  In other news, fall has come!  I certainly love fall, with the beautiful colors.  I love the football games and the jeans and the sweatshirts.  There are a lot of birthdays in my family in fall, first my dad's and my brother's in October, and then mine and my mom's in November!  We have one big family birthday party where we invite a lot of our family and have a meal, do presents, and just enjoy ourselves!  I always look forward to it.  ;)

  Sorry for the lack of posts and photos, but I'm working on it!  I picked up my camera again yesterday, after a few weeks without it.  Ah, I missed my camera!  I just randomly stop using my camera for a while, when I stopped doing stuff with my dolls.  I guess I was just getting used to this busy schedule of dancing, homework, church {on Wednesdays.  It's like a class}, practicing French horn, and soon piano lessons and practicing piano.  I'm pretty much used to it now, and I'm loving my schedule.


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