Saturday, November 19, 2011


{{Sorry, had to say that.  An extremely annoying boy in my grade was SHOUTING that the whole ten minute drive from school to my bus stop.  I JUST HAD TO SAY IT!  XD}}

Yesterday and today were SO fun!  Here's what happened:

  Well, I've been at a birthday party.  It started last night, and when we go there we just hung out, acted weird, and did random junk until we ate supper {AMAZING SLOPPY JOES!}.  Then we went to Happy Feet Two at our movie theater.  There was a LONG line for the Twilight movie.  XD  We waited outside for probably half an hour!  Then we FINALLY got in and I got Milk Duds and . . . that was good.  XD  Our principal was there and told us that she thought it was cool that we weren't at Twilight!  XD  So we saw the movie and it was SO cute!  All of us laughed at stupid parts and parts that the little kids didn't understand.  OH HUMOR THAT CHILDREN DON'T GET.  One of my friends {let's call her J} seriously started crying.

  When we got home we watched Rango until it started freezing up, and then only three of us were still awake, Sam {the girl who was having the party!} and Day {let's call her}.  We stayed up till 2:30 in the morning,  and then I GOT UP AT 7:30 IN THE MORNING!  :D  Why?  Well, my friends {who had gotten a good sleep} were up, talking.  Plus I had to go to dance at 8:30.  YES, I went to dance from 8:30 in the morning until 11:15 because the teacher wasn't there, so I had to teach her the dances.  XD  {{This was mostly the teaching.}}  For Irish {dance} Sam came {because she's in it with me} and all the rest of the girls watched us.  :)  AWESOMESAUCE.

  When we got home we ate lunch {TACOS!} and got dressed and ready, then we got in the car to go ICE SKATING!  This was SO much fun!  We were skating for probably . . . three hours?  It was SO much fun!  I've never done it before, but I wasn't too bad.  I fell millions of times, so I'm sore, bruised, and have blisters, but let me tell you, it was SO worth it.  :)

  This was probably the best birthday party I've EVER been to!  ♥

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