Friday, January 27, 2012


  I have these nights that I just adore.  The only tabs on my laptop are "Google Docs-Home", "Magic School", and "The Nitches and Crannies of Kanidora".

  These are my writing nights.

  My notebook with the wrinkled pages from my words that I press down so hard {without intention} sits open, readable, as I copy it down onto the vast, blank, pages of the document.

These are my writing nights.

  I sit at the comfort of my desk, chatting with Jeneca on Google+, looking for synonyms of overused words, feeling happy and giggling at lovely little pointless things that Jeneca and I say.

These are my writing nights.

{Love, love, notebooks, love, love}


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    1. Thanks! :D Sorry for the not-so great pictures and short post, but I wanted to post badly. XD



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