Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Think I Might be Falling in Like with You

  Happy Valentine's Day to all!  =]  How is everyone's day going?  Mine was pretty fantastic, thank you!  =D

  It was a day full of lots of happiness.  There's been this girl in my class for a long time, and we've never really interacted much.  Now, we're becoming really close, no matter how different we are!  We spent a lot of the day {because in almost EVERY seating arrangement, we sit by each other} talking about our favorite Christian artists and if we knew of her-or-him.  It's fun.  =]  Plus, she gave me a fabulous candy ring, made out of pipe cleaners and a Hershey's Kiss {courtesy of Pinterest, nonetheless!  :D}, which I adore.  <3  Love ya, Abby!

  Okay, before I show you what I got today, I will tell you something.

  I go to a public school where the words "boyfriend and girlfriend" drift around every day.  I'm not the type of girl to get caught up into relationships at young ages, although I did have one of those mindless boyfriends when I was little.  Ever since last January, I have been that same mindless boyfriend's girlfriend.  Now, as we are young and not afraid of staying young, we haven't been on dates and don't say we love each other.  Because, well, we're basically just best friends.  I don't want people to think I'm a crazy-boy-loving-girl.  Because, goodness me, I'm not!  XD

  Continuing {sorry for you having to read that.  It's long and boring! XD} on, this morning as this aforementioned boy got on the bus, I handed him his Valentine's gift, and he handed me mine, and I was very happy.  :)  I opened it to find . . .

You steal this picture, I will be the most sad person ever.  XD

 This beautiful bracelet!  It has little golden hearts linked together, and it was really sweet of him to think of me and give me something like this.  =]  Thank you, Carter, so much, for the gift, and being my Valentine.  ;]

  So, as most people are saying how they don't have a Valentine, I feel a little weird posting this.  But anyways, all my girlies, I love you all, too!  <3


By the by, happy Singles Appreciation Day, too!  <3


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    1. Well, no matter how weird this sounds, I gave him puppy chow! :D When we were little, every time I went to his house, we would make puppy chow together! :) It was so fun, so it was a memory. <3



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