Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Turning and Leaping and Stretching, OH MY!

  Hey y'all! :D  I just got back from dance, and let me tell you, it was really, REALLY, fun! :D  Being able to do summer classes is so awesome. ;]  Let me walk you through what we did today!

  So, when I first got there we all just stretched in the big studio {we have two, one smaller, one bigger}, and it was so cramped we all had to turn awkwardly to do our straddles.  XD  It was fun, though, we just did lots of normal stretches. :]

  Then we separated into groups by grades, and there were a lot of people in my group.  Thankfully my best buddy from dance was in my group, so it wasn't weird.  ;]  So, we worked on leaps for quite a while, then we switched to the small studio!

  In the small studio we learned a really fun and face-paced jazz combo.  It was SO fun!  We work on two main things in these combos, "smile and style", as our teacher called it.  It was an awesome combo.

  Then we went out in the lobby area to doe some intense stretching.  I was sore almost right away, but then we were called into the big studio to show everyone our combos.  Then we were done!  ;]

  So, I'm really excited for the rest of the classes!  :D  And now I'm watching Dance Moms- NEW SEASON!

Lovesies Mah Darlings,


  1. Sounds really fun Carolyn! :)


  2. I have a dance studio like that, except we only ever go in the lobby to get water or to leave. My summer thingie hasn't started yet.... :(

    1. Oh, that's cool! :D Aww, that stinks! But it will start eventually. ;]


  3. Sounds awesome xD So are these classes like dance camp or just regular classes? We just have a week of camp at the end of June but that's it.


    1. Nope, these are workshops. They have a dance camp for the younger girls, but not for the older girls. :]



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