Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Goals I have Yet to Accomplish- 102 Things to do in 2012

  Instead of all the things I have done so far, here's all the goals I have yet to do.  Sure, I have a far way to go, but a lot of them are simple-such as stretching for a week, or going without soda.  So I'm really not worried.  There's no doubt in my mind that I'll have all of these done by the end of 2012.  :]
  1. Buy a DSLR
  2. Do well in my photo challenge!  {{Keep going for the WHOLE year}} Buy a shirt from my dance studio
  3. Stretch every day for a week
  4. Go for a week without soda
  5. {{Write a script for Script Frenzy}} Hang up all of my dance portraits-ever.
  6. Participate in NaNoWriMo again {Word Count Goal: 15,000+ words}
  7. Win NaNoWriMo
  8. Make a doll house-type-of-thing for my dolls
  9. Buy something from Etsy
  10. Buy something from Photojojo
  11. Make a YouTube in November
  12. Make my first series of videos {doll series}
  13. Make a craft from Pinterest 
  14. Try out new hair styles on me
  15. Wear my rain boots on a rainy day and take pictures
  16. Don't buy ANYTHING {unless it's the DSLR} for a month
  17. Have my friend over/go to my friend's house that lives in my old town
  18. Master all of my splits
  19. Master axels {oh this is going to be great!  XD}
  20. Master fouettes
  21. Master doubles
  22. Figure out GIMP
  23. Do a successful giveaway
  24. Visit some place and look completely photographer.  XD  {{As in, camera in hand, camera necklace on, etc.}}
  25. Try an interesting food
  26. Wear something vintage to school
  27. Use something as something else {as in a scarf as a headband, but anything, truly!}
  28. Buy something from a thrift/antique store
  29. Find something cool and doll-sized
  30. Write in a journal for a week
  31. Read before bed every day for a month
  32. Read every book on my "To Read" list
  33. Get a part in the Nutcracker
  34. Practice for the parts I want in the Nutcracker at home
  35. Wear my hair in some sort of style for a week {can't repeat the same style twice, or thrice . . . YOU GET IT. XD}
  36. Go some place fun
  37. Do something REALLY fun at home this summer
  38. Master how to do a ballet bun
  39. Buy something from American Girl
  40. Sew something with Libery Jane Patterns {with the help of my grandma}
  41. Have more than one friend over for a sleep over
  42. Make more things for my dolls
  43. Finish coloring my AG poster
  44. Put sticky notes/paper in random places saying things like, "God Loves You".  :)
  45. Have a photo contest
  46. Buy a coloring book
  47. Read parts of the Bible
  48. Successfully draw a boy {not a specific boy, I'm just bad at  drawing boys.  XD}
  49. Bring my camera with me EVERYWHERE I go {not counting school XD} for a month
  50. Read parts of the dictionary
  51. Read parts of the thesaurus
  52. Rearrange parts of my room
  53. Print out pictures from my camera and put them in a photo album
  54. Scrapbook
  55. Draw and color a picture that uses every color in a 64 pack of crayons
  56. Make an Inspiration Board with magazines
  57. Have my friends over to swim {summer}
  58. Make a Vlog series with Delilah
  59. Put money in my saving's account
  60. Paint my nails like Converse
  61. Have a really fun birthday party with my friends!!  <3
  62. Write a script for a video by Jeneca!  :D
  63. Learn how to cook something I love
  64. Learn how to bake something I love
  65. Watch The Lion King {haven't seen this in so long!}
  66. Watch the Disney Princess movies {same with these!}
  67. Then to 75 followers
  68. And then 100 followers :D
  69. Write more in my listography {comment if you want to know more about this!}
  70. Make a card and send it/give it to someone
  71. Buy a dance tee shirt
  72. Make my locker 100% ME this school year


  1. Replies
    1. The ones that are orange are currently in progress. :]


  2. Fouettes- I am yet to master them, too. :p
    I think I've done a *tiny weeny little small bit* of almost everything on your list.
    They all sound like fun!

    1. You're a dancer? :o I never knew! XD

      Oh cool. :P


    2. Yeah. I'm still point shoe-less (sob), but I'm hoping I get them either this year or next. ???

    3. Ah. How long have you been dancing?


      {{Why for ze random question marks? XD}}

    4. I've been dancing (I have to count....) for..... for almost 7 years. How 'bout you?
      The question marks are because I don't know when I'll get my point shoes. The normal ages are between 10-13 (I'm 11). I don't suppose I have to explain to you why I don't get them earlier, do I?;p

    5. I've been dancing since I was three, but as I can't say my age, I can't say how many years. Oh, sorry, I just saw the period before the question marks and was confused. Sorry.

      Okay, no need to be mad at me. I was just confused over one little thing, okay?


    6. It's okay. I wasn't mad at you.... what made you think that I was? {I'm sorry if I hurt you or anything}.

    7. Okay, no harm done. :]


      {{This: I don't suppose I have to explain to you why I don't get them earlier, do I?;p Made me think you might be mad. I probably interpreted it wrong because it's over the internet. XD}}

  3. Hi Carolyn! :)
    I love your blog and have been following for a while :)
    I am not sure if you follow my blogs, but if you don't please do :D and


    1. Hey Emma!

      I don't think I've ever posted about this on my blog, but something is weird on my computer and I can not follow blogs. So, if I have access to another computer sometime, I'll follow. :]


  4. Wow, that's a lot of goals!!!! I hope you get to achieve all of them!!!! ;)

    1. Yeah! I have 102 Things to do in 2012. :] Thanks!


  5. Hi Carolyn! I nominated you:


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! It means a lot! <3


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