Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome . . . Back?

  Hello!  It's Carolyn, and yes, it's the Carolyn from The Petite Pencil.  :P  I am using my mom's account due to my account being deleted.  But no worries, it's all good now!

  So, enjoy The Demi-God Dancer!  :D


  1. Is it just temporary, or is it for good?? :) Love the background!

  2. It's for good . . . sadly. But, God probably wanted me to have a fresh start and to put things in perspective: At least I'm still healthy, my friends are still my friends, etc. :)

  3. Well, since your account was deleted, I HAVE ONE LESS FOLLOWER!! :) That's good that you want to do what God wants for you... I admire that quality in people. :)

  4. I'll follow your blog right now! :D And thanks, I agree. ;)



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