Thursday, August 25, 2011

Posting from the Coolest thing EVER . . . and an Update on School

  Hey girls!  Carolyn here.  ;)  GUESS WHAT?!?!?  I am posting from a Samsung Chrome book . . . and what is that, you may ask?  A GOOGLE CHROME LAPTOP!!  :D  I am serious, people, it's amazing.  GET ONE NOW!  Hehe.  :)  Okay, so it's the school's {the school my dad is the principal of}, but we get to use it . . . it's the best thing ever, no joke . . . beautiful, amazing, slick, awesome, etc.  XD  Have I mentioned it's awesome?  And cool?  And amazing?  And slick?  And beautiful?  Well, it is!  HEHE.

    Alright, so an update on school . . . it's been going well, I've been going for four days!  The teachers are nice, and I'm just really happy.  :)  I made a new best friend, too, which is always a plus!  ;)

  OH!  And guess what?!?  I RIDE THE BOY BUS!  Our school is in a different town, but close {just for this grade}, because there isn't enough room in OUR TOWN.  So, the girls have a bus and the boys have a bus to get to school and back from school.  So, there isn't enough room on the girl bus, so my three of my friends and I volunteered to sit on the boy bus . . . and it's awesome.  XD  I like it better.  :P  I sit by the girls, no worries. ;)

  Thanks for reading!  :D



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