Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not a Creature was Stirring, not Even a Mouse

  Today is Christmas Eve.  You do NOT know how excited I am right now, for the gathering of family and eating too much tomorrow.  For the looks of glee and surprise on my family's faces as they rip the wrapping paper eagerly off the present.  For the Christmas Eve mass that I will be helping with {alter server, I'm Catholic! :)} this year, and hearing the story of our savior's birth.

  I have really been thinking about how, without Christmas, we wouldn't be here.  Without the day that Christ was born, we wouldn't have walked the Earth, he died to save us all.  As I prayed last night, I just said to God, "Thank you for your son and all that he did and has done for us.  Without him, none of us would be here today.", and it's true.

  I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not excited for the presents, because I definitely am!  I'm wondering if there might be a DSLR, Flip Video Camera, or iPod Touch under the tree when I awake tomorrow morning.  You know, there might not be any of those under the tree when I wake up tomorrow, but that'll be okay.  Even though I want all of those DEARLY, I can definitely live without.  I have a good digital camera and an old iPod Nano, both that still work.

  I wonder if I'll have trouble falling asleep tonight.  Although it hasn't been quite as hard to fall asleep for a couple of years, excitement just dwindles in the back of my mind as I rest my eyes.  It seems I can almost NEVER fall asleep on Christmas Eve, and when I do, it's really early in the morning!  Last year was the first year that my brother woke me up instead of me waking HIM up!  I'm praying for being able to sleep, but oh well if I can't. ;)

  And so, Merry Christmas.  I hope it's amazing for all, and for all that do not celebrate, I hope you have a very nice day.



  1. Awesome! It must feel great to be an alter server tomorrow, it's the most important mass of the year after all! We open our presents this evening, but most normal people open theirs in the morning. We're just special like that.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks! :) Yeah, I love helping at the Christmas Eve masses, it's so special. That's REALLY fun that you open them on Christmas Eve! I open two presents on Christmas Eve, pajamas from my parents and my present from my brother. :)


  3. I got new PJs from my bff! And I also want a Flip.


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