Monday, December 26, 2011

We Wish you a {{BELATED}} Merry Christmas!

  Yeah, I feel pretty bad, but I didn't post on Christmas.  No, I'm not evil and didn't WANT to post on Christmas, I was gone almost all day.  Here's how my day went:

5:00 AM- Thomas comes in to my room and wakes me up.  I was tired and asleep.  "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" he exclaims, and I respond, "I know."

A little after 5:00- Go in to living room and open stalking stuff

A little MORE after 5:00- Go downstairs and begin to open presents

Around 6:00- Start watching Doll Hair Studio DVD with mom, then take a nap

8:30- Eat breakfast and then do whatever I felt like

11:00- Go to grandparent's house to see family

Who-Knows-When- Leave

Around 11:00 PM- Get home and go to bed

  So, I was busy.  But nonetheless, Merry Christmas!  I would share with you what I got, but not right now.  I have a video of what I got uploading on to my Picasa, so I'll link that sometime soon!  :)


[PS- Thanks for the almost-1,200 pageviews!]


  1. Out of curiosity, is you brother Thomas older or younger than you are? My two younger sisters woke me up, too. Oh well, I guess 7:30 am isn't so bad. :) Merry belated Christmas to you too!

  2. My brother is older than me by two years! ;)



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