Sunday, December 18, 2011


  You know, I am just now noticing how often we take the little things that make life special for granted.  How did I start feeling this way?  Well, it all started with the weather.

  Today is a GORGEOUS day outside.  Two of my neighbors {they're boys and both in third grade} were outside, playing basketball.  They were BOTH wearing shorts and weren't cold.  I should be ecstatic, it's BEAUTIFUL outside!  But I want snow, Christmas will be so different without it.

  I was thinking to myself, "I really love snow."  I usually say I hate it because of the cold and the mess.  But really, truly, snow is gorgeous and beautiful.  Think of all those little snowflakes piling up and making those feet of snow.  Did you know that all of those snowflakes look different?  Not one is alike.

  In that way, they're like people.  Not a single person is alike, and together, we can amount to more.

  So, even if you think this sounds cheesy, just think a little.  You'll notice how the little things-the little snowflakes in your life-make life extremely special.


P.S.- Thanks for 1,100 pageviews!  :D  Love y'all!  ♥♥♥

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