Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yawns and Stuffs


. . . **awkward** . . . 

  But SHALOM!  :D  I'm in a sort of odd mood, probably still tired.  I'm sure you're all like, "OHH EMM GEE, CARO, WHY ARE YOU TIRED?!"  And so I tell you.  And if you're NOT all like that, then . . . well, GET LIKE THAT.

  I was just at a friend's house for a sleepover with two other friends.  We stayed up pretty late, looking at lots of videos on YouTube and playing the Wii, because we're just so easily entertained.  XD

  We were mostly watching "You Laugh, You Lose" videos {{eh kay eh, "Don't Laugh" videos}}.  You know, most of them aren't that funny, yet I totally and completely cracked up when I was watching one.  Yeah, no idea WHY, but I laughed extremely hard at a dancing crocodile from Peter Pan.  I'm a normal child.

  Well, we stayed up pretty late {not too bad for a sleepover with three girls-counting me}, just to about 3:00.  :P  We were talking A LOT and pairing up people in our classes, but-of course-Makenna conked out before that conversation even STARTED.  Thanks Kenna, for being interested.

  So, I tried to fall asleep.  Of course, I couldn't, it's just LIKE ME.  :P  So, really late/really early in the morning, I called my mom, just saying I couldn't sleep.  It didn't help that my friends showed me some extremely fake, yet kind of creepy, videos!  {{I don't like being scared, let me tell you that.}}  I finally fell asleep around four in the morning, and got up around eight in the morning!  FUN.

  So, that's enough of that.  Let us talk about CHRISTMAS!

  Again, I AM SO EXCITED!  My parents are currently Christmas shopping, actually!  :D  My mom told me this morning that they weren't predicting any snow for this year's Christmas, and . . . I am extremely sad.  :(  But, after all, Christmas isn't about presents, snow, and mistletoe {HAHAHA I RHYMED!}, it's about the birth of Christ the Lord, our savior.  :)  Without him, we wouldn't be Here today.


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