Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Need a Little Christmas {Or A Lot?}

  Let me just tell you, I am EXCITED for Christmas!  The only problem?

no snow.

  THIS IS-LIKE-TERRIBLE!  Only nine mere days until the birthday of Christ the Lord, and there isn't a flake of snow on the ground!  WE HAD SNOW, BUT IT MELTED!  Bah, this stinks.  :P

  Why does it stink so much?  I've never NOT had a white Christmas!  Every year I have had snow on the ground, and if I don't this year . . . IT'LL BE REALLY SAD.

. . . 

  BUT MOVING ON!  {Sorry for the min-rant.}  I am REALLY SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!  My winter/Christmas concert was actually last night!  It was pretty good, but we had candles that you turned on and mine broke {pfft, that's so like me} and one of our songs was DREADFUL, but we sang Just One Candle, Ding Dong Merrily on High, Be a Santa Medley {which has the songs Be a Santa, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, and Up on the Housetop}, and You can Help {which I am not a fan of, but we're singing it because we're donating a lot of food to the food pantry currently!}.  For band we are playing Christmas Fanfare, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Carol of the Bells, and Fanfare on Ode to Joy.  I prefer playing my French horn to singing.  XD

  Yesterday I checked my Christmas list, adding things, etc.  I noticed that when my mom gave me back my Christmas list {because she had been looking at it} and she circled a DSLR.  **gasp**  What could this mean?!  Well, we'll have to find out on Christmas morning!  ;)

  Also, I'm not getting ANYTHING from American Girl for Christmas, whcih is honestly alright with me because I just recently wet to Mall of America and got a lot there, plus some stuff with a gift card from AG and my Cyber Monday purchases!  :P  SO MUCH DOLLY STUFF!  XD

  So, this will be a very fun Christmas, actually, because I want A LOT of non-AG stuff.  :D  Plus, my parents are going to surprise us, they said, so . . . YEAH!

  Well, I'm off to the concert!  Merry early Christmas!


{{All pictures via Pinterest}}


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That's so cool! :O Our choir teacher thought none of our songs were serious. :P


  3. Oops sorry I deleted that one. Me and my friend would hop on the beats between lines like: Be a Santa -hop- Jolly Santa -hop-
    Then we had to stop :(

  4. That's alright! XD That's awesome. My friends Makenna, Jackie, and I would always kick in You Can Help whenever we said the word, "Yes."

    And teachers say, "BE MORE ENTHUSIASTIC!" You try and they tell you not to. Mixed messages, man. -.-



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