Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Because Busy is What I Do

  One simple word to describe life right now is busy.

  Why, you ask?  Nutcracker.  I've been having dress rehearsals all week.  Here's my schedule this week:

Sunday: Regular Nutcracker practice

Monday: Rehearsal at auditorium/on stage

Tuesday: Same as Monday

Wednesday: Hair, make-up, and costume!

Thursday: Same as Wednesday

Friday: None

Saturday: Matinee performance and night performance

Sunday: . . . Not sure what time, but a performance.  XD

  I am missing piano and church tonight because of Nutcracker.  I feel kind of bad, but this is SUPER important.  :)

  So . . . hope this wasn't too boring, planning a post with a bunch 'o' pics from Pinterest soon!  :D


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