Saturday, December 3, 2011

Of Friendship {{Thanks}}

  You know, I have been posting more often, and I've had this blog since summer, and I would've had my old blog for over a year by now {so I've been a blogger for a year!}, but I've never really told you who my friends were, so . . . how about I do!

  Through my wonderful time on Blogger, Picasa, Google Buzz, Google Plus, and American Girl Fan Message Board, I've met some wonderful people.  Let's start with the first two people I've met.

  One of the first people I met was none other than Quinlyn.  She was on so many of the websites that I had joined, but I first met her on Picasa after reading her blog.  I had also befriended her on the American Girl Fan Message Board.  We became quick friends and are definitely still close!

  I met Jasmine VERY quickly on the American Girl Fan Message Board.  I remember when I first posted, sharing about who I was, and how she was one of the first people to comment.  Although that post was deleted, I remember that she said, "Yay!  More dance buddies!"  We were friends right away, and are even closer now.

  Now, let us talk about some friends that weren't the first, but are extremely close. :)

  One of my best online friends in the whole world is Zaidia, or as I call her, Jeniqua {or Iqua.  XD}.  We write together, we go on TinyChat, we CHAT LIKE CARAZY on Gmail, and we're  just . . . best friends and junk.

  Another one of my best online friends is Britts.  Gosh I love this girl.  We are twins separated at birth, bloggers, Irish dancers, authors, readers, Horrible Histories lovers, Anne Frank fans, and so much more.  We've been super uper close for a really long time.  :)

  Yet another amazing best online buddy is Ellie.  We haven't been friends for as long as I have with most of the girls listed, but we're still super close.  We're authors, Irish dancers, Percy Jackson lovers, and just AWESOME LIKE THAT.  XD  We chat all the time and it feels like I've known her forever.  I tell her a lot.  XD

  How can I forget Iona?  We've been friends for quite some time now, but we became really close over the summer.  We're authors, readers, Percy Jackson lovers, and-again-JUST AWESOME LIKE THAT!

  Here's to a friend not many of you know, Ghillie.  She was/is on the American Girl Fan Message Board, and we've been friends since I joined.  We have so much in common, Irish dancing being the main.  We talk and talk about it!  She and I have been private messaging back and forth since this summer.  She's a very close friend and an amazing girl.  <3

  Lastly, Kellee.  Kelleis such an awesome girl.  :)  She always comments on my blog and her blog is just lovely.  We've been PM'ing on the AGFMB a lot lately and I've really grown close to her.

  So, thank you SO MUCH to all of these friends.  I did not make this post to try to offend anyone, and if you are not listed I hope you are not offended.  I apologize if you are.  But truly, all of you are my friends.  :)


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