Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At Least the Imaginary Ones don't Leave You . . . ;)

  Right now I'm chatting with Iona on Gmail.  We're talking about when we were younger, and especially our imaginary friends.  I only TRULY had one, but I had two for a while.  ;)

  My imaginary friend's name was Jajonia {just guessing here on spelling}, pronounced Ja-Jone-Yuh.  She looked JUST like this:


  Look familiar?  Well, this is a girl from the old Nickelodeon show Rugrats!  When I was little, I loved this show so much.  :)

  One thing I totally remember from having Jajonia as a friend was going to restaurants! Whenever my family went to a restaurant, I was sure to get a high chair for Jajonia to sit in, and my parents let me!  :D  I loved that so much.

  My second {short-term} imaginary friend was named Ballina.  She, too, was from Rugrats!


  In one episode Angelica, here, said her name was Ballina.  So, I named my Imaginary friend after her!  XD

  So, this post was probably really boring, but I felt like sharing. ;)

{love love imaginary friends forever love love}


  1. Belina was my imaginary friend,until I was six when I yelled at her because she wouldn't change my Cabbage Patch Kids diaper and I made her move to California.

  2. My first imaginary friend was Sam, my twin brother, until I was about 5. Then I went to school and Sam got mad at me for leaving him at home, so he abandoned me. Then when I was about 10 years old, my sisters and I came up with a fake family, where there were 12 kids total. My sisters decided a couple of months ago that we adopted twins from Africa, so now there are 14. Fun times!

  3. I had an imaginary friend years back, it was a pokemon... XD I think is was something called Mew? IDK XD
    More important to me were my pet rocks. I had one from 2008-2010. I miss him so much, his name was Potato. :')

  4. Hearing about people's imaginary friends are just so fun! :D Imaginary buddies are so awesome. ;)

    I always wanted a pet rock. I had two, but they never talked to me. ;)



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