Friday, January 6, 2012

New Header=♥ {{And Pinterest Pictures, Just 'Cause}}

  I absotolutely {yes, I say absotolutely on a regular basis.  Got a problem with that?!  XD} love my new header.  The inspiration for making it is Hannah because I just adore her headers and designs, always.  :)  It has some of my favorite colors, and some of the colors in the background!  :D

  So, the little description under the blog name is "Loving Life, Every Step of the Way" because . . . well . . . it's simply true!  XD  I actually thought it up while in language class the other day, doodling on the margins of my paper!  I thought up two little bloggity blog descriptions, which I both liked.  The other was, "Simply not a Simple Life" because, well, my life isn't all that simple.  XD  I mean, most people that blog love "simple life", and trust me, I do, too, but it's just not much of my life, I suppose.  We're rushing all the time, to and from dance, piano lessons, church, etc.  When we're not doing that, we're practicing for the aforementioned things.  ;)

  So, there's not too much to tell here, I guess.  Sorry about not posting any pictures lately, but what's Pinterest for, right?!  SO, here are some pictures that I'm loving from Pinterest.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Let me just tell you, I will NEED to do this one day.

Pinned Image
Again, I need to do something like this.  Or make the stairs look like books! :D

Pinned Image
Goodness, I want to do THIS.

Pinned Image
Can I have THIS in my house?!

{Love love stairs love Love}


  1. Aww, thank you so much for saying that in the first paragraph! :) ♥ All of them. I would like those stairs with the slide, printed with piano print, and numbered, with a library upstairs with that cool thing on the wall. Who knows? It might happen someday. ;)


  2. No problem! You're welcome! Your header is just so . . . pretty! :D

    I do agree! :D And I most definitely agree! ;)



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