Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tag, You're It!

  Ha.  Such a creative title, right?!  Well, this is obviously a tag, and I got it from Jocee's blog.  {{She has SUCH a lovely blog, and she's a really lovely person, too. :)}}  She tagged anyone who would like to be tagged, so I decided do to it!  :D

//. Name your favorite song.
All the Pennies by Mindy Gledhill
//. Favorite Dessert
//. What makes you angry
People wearing too much make-up, too young.
//. When your upset
. . . I talk to my mom.  XD
//. What's your favorite pet
I like dogs, but Mrs. O'Leary is good.  {{Percy Jackson.  <3}}
//. Black or White
Black, I'd have to say, but black and white pictures are lovely.
//. Biggest fear
I don't like the dark, but probably spiders.
//. Everyday attitude 
Love every moment, laugh, SMiLE, be happy.  <3
//. What is perfection
A brand new book.
//. Guilty pleasure
Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras.  {ha.}

seven random bits:
//. The upcoming project we'll be working on in my TAG class is blogging {we're creating blogs}
//. That blog of mine will be called, "I've Got Attitude" because it'll be about dance, and attitude is a dance term.  :)
//. My mom and I spent hours on Pinterest last night, looking at cute pictures of babies.  <3  Those are the moments I love.
//. I'm almost done with the current book I'm reading, "Matched" by Allie Condie!
//. I changed my name on Google Plus to Carolyn Valdez today, because Leo Valdez is my book love.  <3
//. And now I can't change my name for three months.
//. I want to change it to Carolyn Mary, which is my middle name.  :D

  This was fun.  Now, I tag anyone who wants to do this, because I have to go.

{Love love you're it love Love}


  1. My middle name is Mary, too! I was about to comment on your blog "Is Valdez your actual last name?" like I asked you with the last name Fouette. But, this explains why I don't have to ask!

  2. That's awesome! :D Hehe, yep! ;)



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