Monday, January 9, 2012


  Yes, there are all kinds of these posts out int he Blogosphere, but I am here more to tell you about myself, my little quirks and imperfections that make me . . . me.  Not things I hate about myself, not necessarily things I love, but that's okay.

Dance Talk.  A LOT.
Guilty dance talker.  I talk about dance ALL.THE.TIME.  Ask someone who knows me in real life, they'll tell you that I talk about dance almost every time we have a conversation.  It's kind of my passion and an absolutely enormous part of my life, so . . . yeah.  Sorry if you hate my dance talk.  XD

Excessive Smiley Face User
Hehe . . . what can I say?  I love smiley faces, emoticons, etc. etc. etc.  Maybe it's because I love to smile so much . . . but they're just SO cute!  ^_^  I mean, seriously, they make posts awesome, chats awesomer, and random message board talk just so much BETTER. {{And really, who can't resist using this little guy: :3 ?!}}

Repeater.  Repeater.  Repeater.
Ha.  Get it.  I'm a repeater, and I just repeated myself three times, SAYING repeater!  HAHAHAHAHA.  Okay.  Sorry 'bout that burst of awkward.  I repeat myself quite a bit, more so in real life than on the internet.  My brother gets so fed up with it, he just flat out says, "Okay, I get it, you've told me this twenty times."  And I feel pretty bad, because I wanted to tell him so badly, and he burst my bubble completely and totally!  SO, I apologize if I repeat myself.  SO, I apologize if I repeat myself.

. . . 

Okay, that's enough of repeating, I'm just being my weird self.

Yes, I know you all know it, I'm Irish.  And I like to share that.  A LOT.  I am very proud of my Irish heritage because it's not like the person that was actually 100% Irish in my family I've never met or heard of, I've met my grandma who is 100% Irish, although she wasn't born in Ireland herself, her parents both were.  So, therefore my mother is 50% Irish and my brother and I are 25% Irish, my children will be 12.5% Irish.  {{Alright, there's my math for the day!  XD}}  But I am an Irish girl who Irish dances, so that-my friend-is why I love to say that I am Irish.

Sharp Pencils
Call me crazy, but I CAN NOT STAND writing with a dull pencil!  It's just dreadful, that disgusting sound it makes as you drag it lightly against the paper!  Eww.  Just eww.


  Yeah, I'm a quirky person, and I know there are a LOT of more quirks to me, believe me on that one, but . . . these are some that really, truly, make me, me.

{Love, love, quirky Carolyn, love Love}


  1. Caro, you are scaring me. We are so crazy similar! I hate blunt pencils with a passion (it drive mum crazy because I come home from school with half a pencil) I drive every one crazy with my dance talk, I repeat eva-a-re-thing (and it drive my family crazee) and I use far to many smileys!
    Love ya!!!
    ~Britts xxxxxxxxx

    1. That is QUITE creepy, Britts! WE ARE TWINS, THOUGH! XD



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