Monday, January 9, 2012

365 Pictures- Day 1

  Yes, I am, indeed, starting a 365 day challenge, a photo a day.  I will TRY my best to do this, but I get busy!  :P  So, sorry when they are bad quality, like today.  XD

Yeah, I apologize for terrible-ness.  Not taken on my normal camera, but my video camera, which takes amazing movies and terrible pictures!

  My socks today!  One has cameras, the other music notes.  :D  From Delia*s, my favorite store.  <3

{{Not going to do my signature on these.  XD}}


  1. I'm doing project 365 over at my blog too! S0 far I think I've forgotten two days though :( Good luck!

  2. I've checked it out, I like it a lot! :D Oh well, just keep on going! ;D Thanks!



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