Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Blog and Pictures! :D

  No, I'm not starting a whole new blog, it's just going to be my pictures for my photo-a-day challenge!  :D  Please check it out and FOLLOW here!

  Now back to your scheduled programming.  XD

  Today I went outside to take my picture, and I got a couple pretty good photographs!

What I used as my 365 picture.  :)

And now I have some OLD pictures that I took on May eighth, 2011.  XD  I used my mom's camera because mine was at home.  :)

I.LOVE.THIS.PICTURE.  It's my ear.  XD  I like my hair, though, especially.

Sorry for it being sideways.  XP

  So, it's just a picture post because I'm tired.  XD

{Love, love, photographs, love, love}


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