Monday, January 16, 2012

Honor Band and Braces

  I've been practicing for something pretty important lately, and that thing is honor band.  It's this Saturday, and I'll have to have chair placement.  What's that, you ask? Well, I go into a room with just me and a judge {or judges} and I play through three scales {two scales of my choice and one octave of the chromatic scale}, and then play though all of my music.  Then I will be put in a chair, first, second, third, etc.  So, PLEASE pray for me!  I am really worried because, although I must say that I do really like it and am pretty good {not to brag, sorry if it seems like it}, I know there are a lot of AMAZING musicians in my state.

One of my songs!  :D  This one's really fun and quite difficult, and I like it A LOT.  <3
  I'm really excited, though!  Only one problem.  I'll have SPACERS for the performance . . . and I would've only had them since that Thursday.  I really hope these don't affect my playing too much, I'd be practicing a lot for nothing! :{P  {HE HAS A MUSTACHE!}

  I am extremely thankful, though, that I won't have my BRACES for the performance!  I'm getting my braces on the 26th, AKA in two weeks and two days. {Ha!  Two two's! XD}  Please pray it won't be too painful.  ;)
{Love, love, Reginald and Charles the French horns, love, love}


  1. I hope you do well in band! :3
    The braces- My stomach lurched for you when I saw that it the title. BTW, It does hurt. Doesn't that make you feel a trillion times better? XD BUT ANYWAY- bye :)

    1. Thanks!
      Well, I know, my brother and a lot of my friends have had braces. I'll be otay. :)

  2. Good luck in both! The music teacher in my school wants to talk to me one on one about doing on instrument... I am scared XD but I want to be in orchestra one day!

    1. Thanks! Band is SO fun! If you join, TELL ME. <3

  3. Good luck with honor band!! :) And yeah, braces hurt to start with, and when they change the bands or power chains, but you'll be fine... and it's cool when you get to change the pretty colors. :)

    1. Thank you! Thanks for the heads up. ;)



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