Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Daze

  Hallelujah, IT'S A SNOW DAY!  :D  Snow is falling as we speak, and it's been falling all morning!  Man, it could've been falling all night, too!  :O  Well, all i know is this is more snow than we've had all year, AND all winter!

I can stay in my pajamas too long and not care about how I look.  No one will see me!


 I can wear fuzzy socks and not care that the blues don't really match. {It looks like I'm either standing or walking on the ceiling!  XD  I just had my feet in the air!}

I can curl up on my favorite couch, watching as the snow falls silently to the ground, building up taller and taller.

I can look out the window and see the snow swinging on the swing and sliding down the slide, having a play date of their own.

I can eat warm pancakes with hidden chocolate chip surprises, drenched in butter and syrup, and sip tart orange juice, the smell of my father cooking and coffee brewing in the air.

{Love, love, snow day, love, love}

{By the by, please check out my 365 blog!  I have four followers on there {so thanks to you girls! :D} and I post photography on every day.  I don't post every day here, and most definitely do not post PHOTOGRAPHY here every day, so I think you might like it.  :)}

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