Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updates, FAQ, and Etc.

  Yes, this is a rather large post.  XD  Well, since it's so large, how about I get started with ze updates!  :D


1.) Changing this Blog a Bit
No, I'm not talking about having a new background or header or even a new look entirely, I'm talking about something bigger.  What is that something, you ask?  Well, Eternally 18 Inches is no longer going to be . . . 

NOW!  Before you get all upset or before you ask if I'm growing out/have grown out of dolls, READ ON.  Por favor.

Eternally Eighteen Inches isn't going to be its own blog anymore, I'm simply going to post EVERYTHING on this blog.  I'll copy and paste all of my dolls' posts to a page that will be up top, and if my dolls ever feel like posting again, they can post up there!  ;D  This way I won't have one blog that is posted on frequently and another that is barely posted on at all!  If you don't want to read my American Girl blog posts, you don't have to.  But I'd like you to.  ;)

I loved this picture, then just a little editing on Picnik and VOILA!  :D

2.) Honor Band
Yesterday was honor band, and it went really, REALLY, well!  :D  I had a lot of fun, met a girl I could consider a friend that was JUST like me {both play French horn, both play piano, both dance!}!  We got along really well.  I got SECOND CHAIR in chair placement, which-if you were wondering-is GOOD!  Especially because there were nine French horns.  I was surprised because I messed up on one of my scales A LOT.  But I was nervous. :P  But I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience immensely!

3.) Picnik is CLOSING 
Yes, the famous free photo editing website is closing . . . :(  BUT!  Until it closes on April 19th, all of the Premium {which is the not-free part.  XD} features are open to the public!  YAY!  :D  I've been editing quite a few pictures.  You'll see them throughout the post. :)

One of my favorite doll pictures EVER.


  Yep, I'm having my first FAQ {frequently asked questions} on this blog!  :D  I will answer all of the questions in a post and put them on their own special little page up there.  :)  So, PLEASE ask a question or two . . . or as many as you'd like.  ;)  I will answer all questions unless they are personal or inappropriate.  As far as "personal" questions go, no, "What state do you live in?", "Where do you live?", "How old are you?", "What grade are you in?", etc.  Alrighty?  Thanks.  :) 

{This'll do as my signature for the post.  ;)}


  1. Congrats on 2nd chair! :) I'm loving the pictures!

    1. Thank you so much, Kellee! :D


  2. list o' questions! (Are you ready?)
    What is your earliest memory?
    What was the proudest moment of your life?
    Where do you want to be in 10 years?
    What do you want to name your kids?
    How would you describe yourself?
    When is your birthday? (Or month of birth)
    Do you have a nickname?

    Okay...that's all I can think of.


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