Monday, January 23, 2012

Delightfully Delilah and Other Pages

  I just basically converted every post {except for the boring ones I posted!  XD} from Eternally 18 Inches on to a page above {above the Followers}, Delightfully Delilah! :D  Delightfully Delilah is Deliah's "blog".  :)  She will post on there whenever she feels like, and I will update you whenever there is a new post on there, so right now there is a new post, so go ahead and read it if you'd like!  :D

  Anyways, there is another new page up there, too, which is about my dolls! :D  Woohoo!  XD

  So, that's about it.  Be expecting another post later today that's more enjoyable.  XD

{Love, love, Delightfully Delilah, love, love}

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