Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Day To-Do List {{And Please Vote for Me!!}}

  Yes, you heard me right, we have another snow day!  :D  This has been really nice, but it's no fun knowing that we'll have to make it up eventually.  XP  Also how cold snow is!  I love it, but it's so cold I can't go outside to take pictures of it, or pictures of my dolls in it!  I don't even want to it's so cold. :P

  But on these snow days I don't get too much accomplished.  I did do homework on Friday, so I feel pretty accomplished with that, but besides that I did basically nothing all day.  So, here we have my snow day to-do list, and some of the things will be crossed off if I have already done them.  ;)

  1. Make a photostory with my dolls
  2. Practice piano
  3. Try to upload video
  4. Work out some stuff on Picasa
  5. Edit pictures
  6. Take pictures of Ivy for Chinese New Year
  7. Go to "We Bought a Zoo"
  So, I have quite a bit to do yet today.  XD

Yeah.  I'm weird.
  But anyways!  I would really 100% love if you voted for me in a photo competition I am in!  It's by The Doll Wardrobe and the winner gets a doll, and then second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth place get a $20 American Girl gift card!  :D  So, PLEASE vote by emailing and voting for number 19!  :D  That picture's mine, obviously.  :)  To see it and the other pictures go HERE! :D  You can vote for as many pictures as you want!  :)

  I'd love to vote for your pictures, too!  So, if you have one, please tell me the number and I'll vote!

{Love, love, the snow is cold, love, love}


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