Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of Fashion

   You do not know how odd it is for ME to be posting of fashion . . . I'm not huge into it.  But, I must say, I've been adoring my outfits lately.  Why?  New stuffs.  From Delia's, none the less.  Yes.  OH, yes.  <3

  Yesterday I wore this shirt.  I LOVE this shirt so much, it's just so cute and comfy and the color is really pretty.  As you can see, there's snow on the ground and I wasn't wearing a coat.  NO WORRIES, I HAD ONE ON. XD  Just not then!  And it was really quite warm yesterday.

  I didn't wear these boots all day, just to go out in the show in.  But I love these boots!  They look like Coverse with black tips, but they're rain boots!  J'ADORE!  <3

  More pictures of my lovely boots.  XD

Shirt: dELiA*s ~~ Jeans: JC Penney ~~ Boots: Shop in Okoboji, Iowa

  And today I wore this, another new shirt from Delia's!  :D  I also wore my camera necklace, but you can barely see that. :P  I have only been wearing my sweatshirt since I was home, due to being cold.  XD

Shirt: dELiA*s ~~ Jacket: Given by friend ~~ Necklace: dELiA*s

  Sorry if this was boring!  :P


By the by, if you could, today is the last day of voting for The Doll Wardrobe contest.  I would really like to win this round, so PLEASE OH PLEASE VOTE!  :D  Email nora.demington@gmail.com and say, "I vote for picture #19!"  Thanks a bunch!  <3


  1. Hey! I have been thinking about this for awhile, and I decided recently I would like to do it.

    I want to start a photography collab blog... And you are my closest photography friend, so I thought I'd ask you first...
    Would this be something that would interest you?
    It would be very low-key and you wouldn't have to post often, it would just be something fun...

    I'd really love to have you!

    1. That'd be fantastic! :D I could email you sometime, please tell me if it's for sure going to happen. :)


  2. I will! I am still trying to find people who would like to join... I would have to 'okay' them, of course... ;)


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