Monday, January 30, 2012

102 Things to do in 2012

{{All credit goes 100% to Leanna!  :D}}

  Yes, that's right, I am making a list to do 102 things in 2012.  Will it be hard?  Maybe.  Most likely.  Will it be worth it?  For sure.  :)  {{Yes, I know the new year already started.  SO?!  XD}}

102 Things to do in 2012

  1. Buy a DSLR
  2. Do well in my photo challenge!  {{Keep going for the WHOLE year}}
  3. Stretch every day for a week
  4. Go for a week without soda
  5. Write a script for Script Frenzy
  6. Participate in NaNoWriMo again {Word Count Goal: 15,000 words}
  7. Win NaNoWriMo
  8. Make a doll house-type-of-thing for my dolls
  9. Buy something from Etsy
  10. Buy something from Photojojo
  11. Make a YouTube in November
  12. Make my first series of videos {doll series}
  13. Make a craft from Pinterest 
  14. Finish editing NaNoWriMo novel
  15. Get my books from NaNoWriMo
  16. Photograph what I wear every day for a week
  17. Try out new hair styles on me
  18. Try out new hair styles on my dolls
  19. Dance with someone {at the dance, not randomly! XD  And please don't think I'm boy crazy, I'm not.  :P}
  20. Wear my rain boots on a rainy day and take pictures
  21. Don't buy ANYTHING {unless it's the DSLR} for a month
  22. Say hello to a stranger
  23. Have my friend over/go to my friend's house that lives in my old town
  24. Master all of my splits
  25. Master axels {oh this is going to be great!  XD}
  26. Master fouettes
  27. Master doubles
  28. Figure out GIMP
  29. Do a successful giveaway
  30. Visit some place and look completely photographer.  XD  {{As in, camera in hand, camera necklace on, etc.}}
  31. Take people photography
  32. Try an interesting food
  33. Wear something vintage to school
  34. Use something as something else {as in a scarf as a headband, but anything, truly!}
  35. Read 10 books {wanted to do more, MIGHT do more}
  36. Make a list of all the books I read in the year
  37. Buy something from a thrift/antique store
  38. Find something cool and doll-sized
  39. Figure out something I never knew how to do on my camera
  40. Write in a journal for a week
  41. Start a weekly thing on my blog {such as how I used to do "Bliss", but no one commented. XD}
  42. Read before bed every day for a month
  43. Read every book on my "To Read" list
  44. Get a part in the Nutcracker
  45. Write more in my Magic School story!
  46. Read the Hunger Games series
  47. Read Crossed
  48. Practice for the parts I want in the Nutcracker at home
  49. Memorize all of my lines for The Hobbit before I have to
  50. Wear my hair in some sort of style for a week {can't repeat the same style twice, or thrice . . . YOU GET IT. XD}
  51. Go some place fun
  52. Do something REALLY fun at home this summer
  53. Go outside every day for a week this summer
  54. Master how to do a ballet bun
  55. Buy something from American Girl
  56. Sew something with Libery Jane Patters {with the help of my grandma}
  57. Have more than one friend over for a sleep over
  58. Make more things for my doll
  59. Finish coloring my AG poster
  60. Put sticky notes/paper in random places saying things like, "God Loves You".  :)
  61. Have a photo contest
  62. Buy a coloring book
  63. Write a letter to someone, and send it in the mail
  64. Organize my vanity-type-of-thing XD
  65. Read parts of the Bible
  66. Successfully draw a boy {not a specific boy, I'm just bad at  drawing boys.  XD}
  67. Create a new novel
  68. Bring my camera with me EVERYWHERE I go {not counting school XD} for a month
  69. Read parts of the dictionary
  70. Read parts of the thesaurus
  71. Rearrange parts of my room
  72. Print out pictures from my camera and put them in a photo album
  73. Scrapbook
  74. Draw and color a picture that uses every color in a 64 pack of crayons
  75. Make an Inspiration Board with magazines
  76. Have my friends over to swim {summer}
  77. Make a Vlog series with Delilah
  78. Put money in my saving's account
  79. Learn how to fishtail braid
  80. Paint my nails like Converse
  81. Take a picture of me en pointe in my pointe shoes!
  82. Have a really fun birthday party with my friends!!  <3
  83. Get more FRO-YO at Orange Leaf
  84. Go to the coffee shop with my friends
  85. Go to the movies with friends
  86. Guest post on someone's blog
  87. Train for cross country this summer {because I start next year!  YAY!}
  88. Write a script for a video by Jeneca!  :D
  89. Learn how to cook something I love
  90. Learn how to bake something I love
  91. Watch The Lion King {haven't seen this in so long!}
  92. Watch the Disney Princess movies {same with these!}
  93. Get to 50 followers
  94. Then to 75 followers
  95. And then 100 followers :D
  96. Write more in my listography {comment if you want to know more about this!}
  97. Make a card and send it/give it to someone
  98. Buy a photography/camera tee-shirt
  99. Buy a dance tee shirt
  100. Buy a shirt from my dance studio that has their logo on it
  101. Edit 50 pictures on Picnik before it closes
  102. Participate in the talent show at my school
  Yep, this took me a long time to write, but I hope I can achieve these things!  I'll make a page up THERE^^  {{below the header, above the followers}} to show my progress!  :D

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