Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Read and Shopping

  Today, after I went shopping, I decided to re-make my "To Read" list.

  What is a to read list, you ask?  Well, it's pretty simple.  Instead of a to do list, it's what I want to read {in order! ;)}  When today and got a new book, so that was my reason.  ;)

Oh books.  <3
  So, I went shopping today.  I ONLY went to Delia's, because it's my favorite store and I really wanted to go there.  XD  I got what I needed {an outfit for spring pictures at school}, plus two graphic tees {one of them being the owl shirt from the "Love is Owl You'll Need" outfit I posted}, one crocheted top, a tank top, some camis, and THESE WONDERFUL PIECES OF JEWLERY!

  FINALLY!  A camera necklace!  :D

  And an OWL RING!  Heck yes.

  So, lots of pictures, not too many words.  Not too much to post about!

  Going back to posting whatever sign-out I want to say, so . . . 

I Love OWL of You,

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