Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Words

Hunger Games


. . . Can you tell I like this book a little?  Maybe a teensy, WEENSY, bit? . . . Yeah, I thought so.

  ANYWHO!  If you haven't read the Hunger Games, this post will make NO SENSE TO YOU!  And if you plan on reading the Hunger Games and/or are not done, DO NOT READ THIS POST UNLESS YOU WANT THE BOOK TO BE RUINED!  Thank you.  XD

  Alright, let's start off this amazing Hunger Games post with a picture.  :D

Please don't take this picture without asking.  I  found the picture off of Google Images and edited it myself with a quote from The Hunger Games!  :D

  First thing's first, I bet you're all wondering if I'm "Team Peeta" or "Team Gale", right?  Well, I personally don't like the whole "Team _____" thing because it's too much like Twilight, and Hunger Games is superior to such nonsense. {XD}  So, I'm neither, but I am a 100% Peeta FREAK!

Found here.  I want this SO BADLY.  It's a cell phone charm, if you were wondering.  XD

  Peeta is so perfect.  He's lovely, so nice, and not too strong and not too weak.  Plus he makes bread, which I just adore.  XD  Life would be easy with Peeta, I don't understand how Katniss can have mixed emotions between him and Gale.  Gale's like a brother, not a boyfriend.  And, katniss, I know it's hard to fall in love because you don't want to have children to endure that, but so what?  You can still fall in love and get married without children!  {XD}

Found here.  Also love this!

  Rue, oh Rue.  I love her SO MUCH.  She was my favorite character {with Peeta in a close second, of course ;)} from the beginning.  :)  When she died, I seriously almost cried.  When Katniss put all of the flowers around her and sang her to "sleep", I was feeling like BAWLING.  The part that made me the most sad was definitely when Katniss was walking away and the mockingjay went in front of her and sang Rue's song.  Goodness, HOW MUCH MORE SAD COULD THIS GET?!

  The song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift is absolutely beautiful, but apply it to Rue.  You feel like crying!  I got shivers listening to it.  Tis one of my favorite songs as of right now!

  Well, being the crazy Hunger Games fan girl I am, I just HAD to show you some of my favorite Hunger Games merchandise {besides the cell phone charms, of course!}.  :D

All of the shirts are from HERE!  :D

  This is obviously my favorite Hunger Games quote on a shirt, and it's very . . . tasteful {the style, colors, and such!  :)}.  I love the mockingjay pin on it, too!  :)

  I LOVE this idea, so cute!  I'd love to wear this, and I'd wear it ALL THE TIME, I am most certain.  XD

  Goodness, I love this shirt.  It's PEETA.  XD  And yes, I do love him.  I'd love to wear it to school and see peoples' confused faces!  XD

  33 days until the Hunger Games movie!  I CAN'T WAIT!

Your Screaming Fan Girl,

{{By the by, I want to dress up as Katniss for when I go to the Hunger Games movie, any suggestions on what to wear?  ;)}}


  1. You're absolutely right, Twilight is complete and utter nonsense! xD

    I want to read the Hunger Games so badly, but Emily and I are the 75th request at our library. :P

    1. IT IS! And I hate it. XD But it's quite fun to make fun of it! ;)

      That stinks. REALLY, really, stinks. I understand why 75+ people want them, though, they're AMAZING! :D When you get a hold of them, TELL ME! We can talk about Hunger Games! XD


  2. Imagine the thing my friend told me today, I was reading the Hunger Games and she just comes into the library and says "Oh you're reading the Hunger Games, that's the new twilight" I then gave her a speech about how the Hunger Games is Epic Awesomeness and how twilight is so bad that it doesn't deserve a capital letter XD.
    I also made up a couple of lame HG jokes.XD

    1. :O GO VIV FOR GIVING A SPEECH! XD You are SO true!



  3. Lol nice bread quote :)

    Thank GOODNESS you are Team Peeta!!!!!!!!!! I am too of course ;). Gale is so controlling! I don't like him.

    I also almost cried at Rue's death. She was so SWEET!

    Can. Not. Wait. For. The. Movie. SERIOULSLY! I really can't wait to see the Girl On Fire Dress! On, there are pictures of Effie Trinket. Wow. Her costuming is ah-mazing! It takes her !!!45!!! Minutes to put on her NAILS. Wow.

    I think I have to but the I'm Not Pretty shirt and wear it to the premiere. I have one, but it's small :P. My half birthday is the tenth, so I can go as a half birthday present! Cannot wait!

    1. Oh why THANK YOU. XD

      No, I am NOT Team Peeta. I LOVEEEEEEEEE Peeta with a burning passion {XD, get it? Katniss and he were on fire, burning?! XD}, but I don't do "Team". XD Not a Gale fan. Uhuh.

      SHE WAS. And I loved her.

      I KNOW! It'll be SO COOL! Wow! Effie will be SO awesome! I LOVE Effie!

      NICE! :D Thanks for the idea! :)


  4. I just found this contest for a Training Arena shirt. You can wear it to the premiere! It's a large, so I can't fit into it :(
    It won't let me paste the link, so just go to and check it out

    1. That's SO awesome, but I wouldn't fit into an adult large. :( Thanks for thinking of me, though! :D



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