Friday, March 23, 2012

**Pant, Pant**

  You do not know how nice it feels to be sitting down in a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt right now.  Honest, you DON'T KNOW.  Why?  Oh, let me tell you.

The Hobbit.

  Goodness gracious me, today, we had our first two performances for The Hobbit, and I am extremely tuckered out.  {{Man, haven't said THAT in a while!  XD}}  Here's how my day went.

  So, at about eight o' clock, I went to the high school where we would be performing. I was extremely tired from just waking up and throwing myself into my costume, and just . . . well . . . being tired.  XD  And so, I got my make-up on and sat and talked to my friend who had attended the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games movie the night before.

  Then, we waited, playing Headbanz and Spot It until we were instructed to go and greet the third, fourth, and fifth graders as they entered the building.

  Finally, it was time to get ready to go on stage.  So, I went backstage, sitting awkwardly behind Bilbo's house {so I could get in the door} with my fellow dwarves.  We listened to our . . . teacher, I guess . . . give her spiel, and then the play started.

  The play went by rather fast, but the children didn't understand much of the play, and I could tell because they didn't laugh at any of the intended humor.  XD  It was really odd, because the middle schoolers DID, and I was expecting it to be opposite.

  But anyways, after the first performance, we had lunch {PIZZA!} and then had our second performance, which went a lot better than our first!

  So, here I am, after scraping off the ugly stage make-up and taking off my hot costume, I can relax.

  Now, I just have to wait until six when I meet up with my friends and teacher at the theater for Hunger Games!  XD

  And because I hate picture-less posts:

Lots of Love,


  1. wow! Sounds like you had a big day!

    1. Yep! And more big days on Saturday and Sunday! XD


    2. That is so cool, Caro1 We're actually reading 'The Hobbit' right now! Love it! And I re-did my 'In the Words of Willow' blog with the 'One Ring' background.

    3. Thanks, hehe. :] That's too cool! :D Awesome, awesome!


  2. Glad to hear all went well! :)


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