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Oh.My.Effie.Trinket. {{Hunger Games Movie Review!}}

If you have not read the Hunger Games, DO NOT READ THIS POST!  If you haven't watched the movie, proceed at your own risk.  XD  I know some of you totally disagree with Hunger Games, so just go ahead and not read this post if you don't want/need/wish to. :]

  Wow.  Just . . . wow.  Last night, I attended The Hunger Games, along with about fifteen other people that are in my grade.  I sat between Carter {remember him?  From my Valentine's Day post?} and Makenna {from Google+!}, and it was just so much fun!  :D

  Now, for what you're actually wondering about, how was the content of the movie?  Well, let me just tell ya!

  As for the relevance from book to movie, it was pretty close!  Here were my pet-peeves:

-The Story of the Mockingjay Pin

  As all of you Hunger Games fans know, in the book, Katniss got the pin from Madge as Madge said goodbye to her in the Justice Building.  In the movie, Katniss was at the Hob, trading with Greasy Sae, and she saw the pin.  She asked, "How much?" and Greasy Sae said she could keep it.  Then, Katniss gave the pin to Prim.  Prim gave the pin back to Katniss to keep her safe while saying their goodbyes in the Justice Building.

-"If I'm gonna die, I wanna still be me."

  This AMAZING scene was on the roof of the train in the book, and in the movie, they were already at the training center.


  Many of the deaths were very different from the book to movie.  I can't say all of them were off, but here are a few {only what happened in the movie}:

-Rue's death:
  Katniss was running, trying to find Rue, and Rue was yelling, "KATNISS!"  Finally, Katniss finds Rue and she is in a net.  Katniss gets Rue out of the net and they hug.  As they are hugging, Marvel comes up from nowhere and throws a spear at Rue, and it hits her heart.  IT WAS SO SAD!

-Clove's death:
  Thresh didn't hit her with a rock, her neck was broken and she died.

-The Cornucopia

  I don't know why this bugged me so much, but the cornucopia was silver.  XD


  Besides this, the movie very well followed the book.  There are more differences, but it was fine.  Here are the scariest/creepiest/goriest moments for me:

-The Cornucopia
  You see many dead bodies.  :(

-Katniss and Peeta's Injuries
  They're just bloody and gross.  XD

-Tracker Jackers
  Oh dear, Glimmer's body.  That made me so creeped out!  She's puffy, but her body is sunken in . . . ick.  :P

-The Mutts
  Oh.My.Goodness.  I was expecting them to jump out, and I still SCREAMED when they jumped out!  Literally, I screamed!  XD

-Cato's Death
  He had lots of blood all over his body before he fell off the cornucopia.

  Well, I 100% enjoyed the Hunger Games movie, and recommend it completely to ANY Hunger Games fan.  It had gore for sure, but it wasn't unbearable, even though I am such a wimp.  XD  The blood in Soul Surfer during the shark attack was much worse than in THG!

With Love {for Peeta},

By the by, my shirt came!


  1. I can't wait to see it!!! You are so lucky Carolyn! It sounds really good. I hate how they changed some of it though :(

    1. I am! XD But, being in the small town I am in, I came an hour early and got a ticket, and a seat smack dab in the middle of the theater! :D Yeah, although there are changes, it's still amazing. :]


  2. I went with two of my BFFs. I'm going again :)

    It was amazing. I didn't like how they changed-in my opinion- the most important death: Rue. I still almost cried.

    I loved the humor! Some of my faves:

    "That's mahogany!" -Effie

    Haymitch's approving thumbs up at Katniss's "performance" in her session. LOL!

    1. LUCKY! I really want to go again!

      I agree totally. Rue's death was so different, but still sad. :(

      I KNOW! XD

      I didn't like that Haymitch didn't fall off the stage at the Reaping, and that Plutarch didn't fall into the punch bowl. XD


  3. The movie was filmed in my city and around it so a lot of my buddies were extras in it.... XD. I'm trying out for Catching Fire.... I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going with my friend and my cousin.

    1. That's so awesome! :D OH WOW! TOO COOL! :D Catching Fire's rumored to come out on my Birthday, and if it did . . . BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. XD


  4. I LOVED IT. None of the changes bothered me I actually liked the fact that she got the pin more than Madge giving it to her.
    I spent a full 5 hours in the mall getting the tickets sorted and in the end we got the worst seats. I went with my 2 best friends and one of them literally just jumped into the seats behind us during the mutts scene. I don't know how they could've done the Thresh and Clove scene with a rock it would of been really hard. Plus it may cause real death to the cast :P

    1. AGREED! :D

      Wow, FIVE HOURS. :O I'm sure the rock would've worked, they can do a lot with editing in movies, ya know. ;]



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