Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Teensy Weensy Days

  MEEP!  {{uh.  yeah.}}  Only three days until a lovely, happy go-lucky day.  :]  And why is that, some of you wonder {{i wouldn't dare say all of you}}?  Well, those fantabulous three words {{plus one, i suppose}} are . . .


  Yes, this very Friday the twenty-third is the day when I will attend the movie theater with my Hunger Games-loving math teacher and many of my friends.  Yes, this shall be enjoyable.  XD  My teacher's getting the tickets tonight!  **Pumps fist in the air!**

  So, as you can tell, I am utterly and truly excited for Friday.  But that's not the only reason {{and all of you people that haven't read the hunger games are probably rejoicing because i'm posting about something that's not hunger games-related}}!  The other reason is The Hobbit!  I get to miss school on Friday for school performances, and I am really excited, even though my school isn't attending.  :P  BUT STILL!  XD

  And so, Friday awaits me.  XD

With Love,


  1. I can. not. wait. I bought my tickets for Friday (sadly I have school that day. No midnight showing for me :( )
    My writing teacher is going to the same show, but we aren't going together. She had to borrow my copy today while I was in band. We are both rereading.
    I gave my friend a copy for her birthday (where we watched Twilight. See what I did there?) and said if she reads the whole book by Friday I would pay for her tickets if they weren't sold out. She seems desperate to go :)
    In my rereading I am at the part where they are hanging out in the cave. Katniss just woke up from her passing-out-ness and they recieved a feast from Haymitch for their kiss. The part before it reminded me that this is going to be a gory movie :P

    Your Hunger Games Buddy

    1. I KNOW! My teacher is buying our tickets tonight for Friday, not the midnight show, either. :)
      A lot of teachers are planning on going with us! XD It's funny.
      Awesome! Hehe. XD


  2. SCREEEEEEAM I'm going to see it tomorrow! With my other Hunger Games fan friend {I am so happy she read the book before the movie}
    I'm just annoyed by the people who keep saying things like.
    I'm going to see the movie it's amazing! Then I ask them who their favourite character is and who's death they thought was the saddest and they say, oh well I never read the books they're too boring.

    1. WOOOOT! :D I totally agree, I don't want the series spoiled for the people. :P


  3. Replies
    1. I KNOW! I can't wait. Not at all. XD



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