Sunday, March 18, 2012

27 Things Tag!

  I got tagged by Kaye {she tagged anyone}, and I love tags, so I decided to do it!  :D


1. Favorite color: Yellow
2. Favorite color TO WEAR: Blue or green
3. Birthday: November 17th
4. Pet Peeve: Lies, bullies, stuff like that!  XD
5. What people think of you: Crazy, unique, weird, random
6. What you think of yourself: All of the above.  XD  Plus outgoing!

7. Favorite Movie: Soul Surfer
8. Least favorite movie: I don't know . . . 

9. Favorite Subject: Language/English, probably.  :)
10. Least favorite subject: Math.  I'm good at it, but I hate it.
11. Favorite Animal: Shiba Inu {dog}

11. Least favorite actor: **Shrug**
12: Favorite actor: JOSH HUTCHERSON <3
13. Favorite Number: 3
14. State you live in: Can't say.
15. Hunger Games or Harry Potter: Hunger Games!  :D
16. Ice Cream or Custard: Either!
17. Favorite Sport/Hobbies: DANCE.
18. Middle name: Mary!  :D
19. Favorite Drink: Cream soda or frozen chai lattes.  :]
20. Siblings: One brother, two years older than me.
21: Hair Texture: I don't know, really, it's thick.  XD

22. Edward, Jacob, or Push 'Em All Off A Cliff: Push 'em all off a cliff!  >:}
23. Pet: None.  :(
24: Weirdest food you've ever eaten: I don't know!
25. Snickers or 3 Musketeers: SNICKERS!
26. Imaginary Friend(s): Used to have Jajonia {I have a post about her on here!}, but not any as of right now.  XD
27. How long it took you to take this survey: About 3-5 minutes, I'm guessing. I'm not really sure!  XD


  Well, that was fun!  I tag Jeneca, Kellee, Lena, and Arianna.  :)



  1. Yay! It feels so cool to have one of my favorite bloggers do my tag! (I just noticed-we both have the middle name Mary!)

    1. Aww, that's so sweet! :] We do have the same middle name, except I love it and you hate it! XD


  2. Yay! I got tagged, I got tagged! :D


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