Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where's Finnick? ODAIR HE IS!


**goodness me, I have way too many Hunger Games puns.  {{facepalm}}**

  Shalom!  So sorry I haven't been posting too often lately, busy, busy!  XD  I won't waste your time explaining my business, but there are lots of play practices for The Hobbit {all week next week} and keeping up with everything else in my hectic, lovely, life.  ;]

  So, I must tell you that I finished Catching Fire today.  :]  You know, as of right now, that probably sounds pretty normal, but I went to some . . . extremes to finish this book.  "Like what?", you're asking.  Oh, and let me tell ya.  XD

#The Hunger Games
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-Reading at all possible times
Yes, any time I could crack open my  {cough, cough, my brother's, cough, cough} red book, I would, and I would quickly devour two or so pages in the few moments I had.

-Reading on the bus
This is something that I don't do too often, usually only when I'm sitting alone, but that's difficult on a bus of screaming boys.  But today, I read on my way to the school where I would walk to play practice.  Yes, I indeed did.  :]

-Reading While Walking
Yes, as I walked to play practice with my friend, I READ almost the whole way.  Most of it was aloud, nonetheless.  ;]  Aren't I just so awesome?!  :D

-Reading off-stage
At play practice, whenever I was off the stage, I would scramble to my book and read, read, read.  And in the last act, last scene, I finished it.  I felt extremely accomplished because the only times I read today were extremely awkward.  XD

  And so, I started Mockingjay already, and it's good, but so sad.  PEETA, I WILL COME AND FIND YOU.  <3



  1. I am going to go up to any book publishing company right now and tell them that you must start a HG joke book!

    I want to read Catching Fire sooo badly! I have to wait till we travel because my cousin's cousin got the whole trilogy at the same place we're going to!

    1. LOL! I really would do well. ;)

      IT'S REALLY GOOD! But not better than the original. :]


  2. Now, Mockingjay is somewhat of a struggle. It's slow to me. BUT YOU HAVE T O READ IT. Then you will find out how it ends ;)

    1. So far it's going well, hoping it stays that way. XD


  3. I loved the books!! In fact, love doesn't even explain it. It took me one week to finish the whole series they were that good. I also love the boy with the bread. (And Finnick.. I mean *cough cough* nothing)

    1. UH HUH! :D It's taken me more than a week, but to finish ONE book, yes, a week or so! :] PEETA IS MINE! XD



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