Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cute Little Things

  Hey all!  :D  Sorry I haven't posted too much lately, I've been . . . well, I really haven't  been too busy . . . I don't know.  I just haven't been blogging much at all.  XD  I really do apologize.

  ANYWHO!  ;]  So, the other day, my dad called my brother and I outside.  He'd been working on our landscaping {yes, my dad does our landscaping, not my mom. XD}, so I was expecting him to want to show us some plants or something.  {{That would've been rather boring, might I add.}}  But instead, he showed us this ADORABLE little thing!

  Yep, he showed us a little bunny!  He was hopping around, so shaky because of all the people crouched around him.

  But my goodness, it was so CUTE!  XD  I have a soft spot for little animals.  Well, little things in general, I guess.

  It was hiding under this little cut off tree branch.  Pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  ;]

  I hoped you enjoyed those random pictures!  XD  I don't post too much photography on here, obviously, but I do on Friends Through Photos, which is the photography collab blog I'm in.  I'm week 2- Friday!  :D  So look out for me there.  ;]

  Anyways, let's not let this post be just about baby bunnies.  XD  I'm going to talk about SCHOOL.  {{How boring!  XD}}

  So, as all of y'all that live in the States {well, most of y'all, I guess}, you know that SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT!  For us, school gets out on Wednesday the 30th, so I have only SIX days of school left!  :D  {{We don't have school on Memorial Day, by the way.}}  Also, one of those days we'll be gone all day on a trip, so that's exciting!  :D

  So, once school is out, then what happens?  Good question.  XD  I usually think I'll blog more, but that doesn't always happen.  Why?  I do better on a schedule.  My life is quite scheduled during the school year.  Mondays are free.  Tuesdays I have dance.  Wednesday I have piano lessons and Church.  Thursday I have dance.  Fridays are free.  Saturday I have dance and sometimes Church.  Sunday I have dance and sometimes Church.  Add homework and practicing French horn in there, and you've got my life!  XD

  But in summer, I can do whatever I really want.  Therefore, I don't manage my time well.  {{And I admit it.  XD}}  This summer, I really want to stay more on track, to get more done.  I really want to read a lot, and write, and practice my instruments.  I will have more to do, though, as I know I'll be in tennis, dance {yep, summer dance classes this year!  YAY!}, and I'll also be babysitting.  :D

  Also, I'll be on vacation for a while. :]  I know I'm going to one place for about a week, and then some other mini-vacations for about three days.  So . . . yeah.  XD

  Well, hope this made sense and wasn't too painfully long.  XD



  1. hehe, that bunny is really cute! And my dad is our landscaper, too. ;]

    1. I know! XD Good, I'm not alone! ;]


  2. That is one adorable bunny!! :D Since my daddy is a logger, he's always bringing home cute little baby animals like bunnies and squirrels. :) I love it!

    1. I agree! XD Lucky you! ;]



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