Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Question Friday {{Week 2}}

*What color is your iPod?
  It's a hot pink iPod Nano!  It's pretty old, though, not the awesome new kind.  XD

*Have you ever played a Nancy Drew computer game?
  I have!  Not often, but my friend and I used to play them whenever I came to her house when we were younger {because I moved, but we've stayed in touch for eight years!  :]}.  We actually played the same game on my computer last summer, for old time's sake!  ;]

*What brand of laptop/netbook/computer do you have?
  I have an Intel netbook {which is a small laptop, if you're wondering}.  :]  It's an Eee PC.

*Juice or water?
  Juice!  Well, depending on the juice.  I like apple juice, orange juice, and certain juice bags/boxes . . . AND I LOVE FRUIT PUNCH!  I am not a fan of too many other juices, though.  XD

*Cheez-Its or Goldfish? (the food)
  GOLDFISH!  :D  I eat Goldfish all the time!  I do like Cheez-Its, but not as much.

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