Wednesday, May 2, 2012

  It's May!  {{Surprise there!}}  It's crazy how fast time flies lately, it seems as if we were just in winter, we hadn't even had Christmas, but it's May, and school's almost out.  **SQUEE!**  And when school's over, what does that mean?


  And because I am so excited, I will have a short list of things I will do to fill up my lazy days:

--Go swimming {in our pool!}
--Take lots of pictures *nods*
--Rearrange my room
--Make lists :]
--Complete my 102 things!
--Hang out with friends
--Color {OF COURSE!}
--Play my instruments
--Sing :]

  And by the way, I've been doing a lot of that last thing lately, reading.  And just to prove it . . .

Terrible picture, I know.  XP

  Yep, this year I've read seven books!  I know some people read seven in a month, but oh well.  XD

  Right now, I'm reading Divergent by Veronica Roth.  It's FANTABULOUS.  If you like The Hunger Games or Matched, you'd like this book.  Lots.  XD  And so, when I get done with that book, I'm planning on reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  VERY excited to start this one, too!

This looked a LOT better on my camera.  XP

  Now, I was just thinking.  Once I finish Divergent and Delirium {kind of jumping ahead, but . . . XD}, I'll have nine books read, and my goal is ten this year.  I think I'll pass that easily, but I'll keep it at ten for now.  Which reminds me!  On Goodreads, there's a 2012 Reading Challenge, where you set how many books you want to read and then update when you've read more.  So far-as I said-I've read seven.  They say I'm four books ahead . . . OH WELL. XD

  So, I only have twenty days left of school left . . . I am just SO excited.  XD  But believe me, I LOVE school-no joke.  I just love summer, too.  :]  So yes.  XD

Love, Love, Love, Hug your Books for Me,
Carolyn <3


  1. I have 2 more chapters of Divergent to read, I love it so far. Then I'm going to read Mockingjay, is it really that bad?

    1. WHOA! That's awesome that we're reading the same book! :D MOCKINGJAY IS AMAZING. IT'S JUST SAD. XD



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