Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Updating my 102 Things to Do in 2012 List!

  Hey y'all!  :]  If you haven't noticed, I haven't updated my 102 Things to Do in 2012 list in a FOREVER, and so I did!  Here are the goals I have accomplished:

Start a Weekly Thing on my Blog

  As you probably can tell, I started 5 Question Fridays!  :D  I am excited for week two, coming up-obviously-this Friday!  :]

Read the Hunger Games Series

  Quite obviously, I've read the Hunger Games.  XD  BEST BOOK SERIES EVER!  :D  I am so excited that I'll be getting my Hunger Games book {book one . . . duh.  XD} soon, then I can re-read them!  WOOT!

Memorize all my Lines for the Hobbit before I have To

  Yeah, it's REALLY been a long time since I updated this.  I had them memorized before I had to, and now the Hobbit's over.  :(

Create a New Novel

  I am currently writing a new novel!  :D  It's called Authoress, and here's the cover {picture does not belong to me}:

Take a Picture of me En Pointe {{in my Pointe Shoes}}

{{Pretty self-explanatory.}}

Go to the Coffee Shop with my Friends

  I've done this quite a lot, actually.  XD  I just did TODAY, too!  :O  Frozen chai latte, aka heaven in a cup.  XD

Guest Post on Someone's Blog

  I may or may not be guest posting over here.  **cough, cough**

Edit 50 Pictures on Picnik before it Closes

  I'm PRETTY sure I completed that goal.  I edited a lot since I could use Premium.  And now it's gone.  :(  But I've found an AWESOME site, so it's all good.  XD

Participate in the Talent Show at my School

  This was a month or two ago {XD}, and I did indeed participate!  I did my tap dance with the girls that are in my tap class that are in my grade, minus one of them.  :]

  So, I've obviously been doing pretty well!  :D  And I also have decided that if I can't/didn't succeed in a goal, I create a new one!  :]  And so I have made ONE so far.  :]

Love, love, love,

{{By the by, I will most likely be re-starting my 365 challenge this summer!  :D}}


  1. Hey! You are for sure posting on my blog!!


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