Friday, June 15, 2012

Excitement and Braces

  Two totally opposite things for my title, eh?  XD

  So, I am really excited for a couple things right now, and here they are:

  As you can probably tell, I'm at 47 followers right now!  :D  EEP!  If you could PLEASE spread the word that I'm trying to get to 50 followers and comment linking the post you "advertised" for me in, I will give you a shout-out on my blog!  So please help me?  ;]

  Okay, so this is extremely exciting!  I am officially starting to save up for my Canon Rebel t3 as of yesterday.  :D  I saw Bobert {that's the T3's name} at Target yesterday, and I love him so dang much.  <3  So, my mom said it would be a good idea when my birthday comes around, ask only for money and not for gifts so I can get my camera and a lens!  WOOT!  :D  And if I save up enough money from birthday and Christmas, I will be getting a Canon Rebel t3i instead!  :O  YAY!  I think his name will be Bobert, too, or Boberto!  XD

  I'm already excited to get my YouTube in November.  XD  If you didn't know this, I love making doll videos.  Yep, I'm a proud owner of four American Girl dolls.  :]

Just Plain Ol' Being Excited
  I'm just so excited that it's summer and I'll be going on vacation pretty soonish here.  :]

  So, I have a lot to be excited about, quite obviously!  XD  I'm just very happy right now, for the most part.  ;]

  The one part that makes me unhappy?  I got rubber bands for my braces.  -.-  They KILL.  XP  Look them up if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Yeah.  They stink.

  But anyways, here's a picture to make you content:

Love this quote!  Found on Pinterest.



  1. That's horrible (the rubber bands for you braces)! My brother has them, and he leaves them on the table ALL the time when we're eating. I'd suggest hiding them under your plate if I were you. ;)

    1. Yeah, they're not fun! My brother did the same when he had braces, and it was so gross! No worries, I'll be polite. ;] XD


    There! now you see! ;)

    {{inside thing}}

  3. Not to make you feel bad, but I just got my bands FINISHED with :) I freaked people out when they were in my mouth.

    Anyways, I want a CT3 as well, but I'm not "officially" saving for one.

    So yeah :) byeee


    1. LUCKY YOU! XD

      Uh . . . I might sound stupid, but what in the WORLD is a CT3? XD



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