Friday, June 1, 2012

j u n e

  Can you believe it?  It's June!

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  I simply cannot believe how fast months zoom by.  It still feels like March was just yesterday, that April still hasn't come around, that school is yet to end, but it's June, really and truly.

  Speaking of school, it ended on the thirtieth of May!  WOOT!  XD  I am so happy that school's over, and I've spent my summer vacation very well so far. ;]

  On the last day of school, I had Makenna over, and we had LOTS of fun.  And I do mean lots.  We blogged about it here!  Then the next day, I went with her to Panera Bread {a restaurant} and then to a mall, and then to Orange Leaf {a frozen yogurt place}!  So yeah!  XD  We've had lots of fun already, and we're most likely hanging out again tomorrow, which is also her birthday!  :D

  Today we went out of town because my dad had to get our pool water tested to make sure it's safe to swim in.  So, after we did that, we went to a store to see if they could re-wrap the handles of these old tennis rackets we had, since I start tennis on Monday!  :D  So, we'll pick those up on Sunday, and everything will be dandy. ;]  Then we went to Target, the ever-amazing store of everything!  XD  I got two new swimsuits since none of mine fit, and I am very happy with them!  :]  I also got a new pair of sandals, which I kind of needed, so I'm content now.  XD

  How's everyone's summer going?



  1. I can't believe it is June either! And my birthday is in June, so I am really looking forward to that. :)


    1. Yeah! Oh, that's awesome! :D I LOVE June! :]


  2. Hey Caro,
    Is there some way to message you? I have a question but I don't want to post it in the comments xD That sounds creepy lol but it's not odd, I promise.
    Eden :)


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