Monday, June 18, 2012


  It's HOT out today.  And by hot, I mean 90 degree weather hot.  Actually, says it feels like 94 degrees, and it's true!  XD

  So, my brother and I naturally decided to swim.  The water was SO nice, nearly 80 degrees, so it was refreshing, not too cold or too warm!  :]  I was very thankful to have the pool, too, or else I'd have to be inside all day, not even knowing about the awesome summer weather!

  Yep, I love summer weather.  It's just SO awesome!  Whenever I see that it's going to be hot out, I get happy.  Why?  It really feels like summer.  Officially, actually, summer.  And summer is such a fun time, full of friends, family, sprinklers, bright colors, blue skies, dotted with puffy white clouds, warm nights, pool parties, sleepovers, fireworks, vacation, and some really awesome picture taking opportunities.

  Speaking of vacations, I am going to be gone on a vacation starting the 20th.  I'll be returning on the 22nd, so it's not too long, but that's all good.  ;]  I'll probably schedule some posts for you guys to read, and when I get back I'll post pictures.  :]  Sound like a plan?

  Oh!  I wanted to tell you that I guest posted over at Summer Breeze today, as Rachel isn't able to post at the time.  I had lots of fun!  So, please check out my post and the rest of the blog, too!  :D

  Well, happy summer everyone.  <3

Summer Love,


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    1. What? XD I have 48. :]


    2. I know that, I was trying so hard and checking over and over, and got it a few days ago. I posted about it actually, so no need for informing me.



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