Saturday, June 30, 2012

u n p l u g g e d

  Guys, I've read two posts between two days and I've noticed some things.

I spend more time on the internet than I'd like to.  I need to get out there and live.

  So, my friends, I am taking the Unplugged challenge.

  Why am I taking the challenge?  Because I want to.  I want to spend my summer outside, taking pictures, being with friends, laughing, living.

  Well, how am I going to reduce my internet usage?  Easy!

  My plan, as of now, is to simply not post on my blog unless I need to or have photography to post.  I'll still be posting on FTP as much as possible, though!  ;]  I'll only go on to check my email when I need to.  And I'll try only about once a day.  Sure, I won't be on as frequently, or posting as frequently, but that's okay.  I'll be here if ya need me.  :3

  Well, I'm going to start this challenge TOMORROW, as it'll be July.  How crazy is that?  That's our last full month of summer.  Guys, I'm kind of sad.

  Well, to end this post, here's a quote I read on the lovely Anna's blog, Fanatical, that is actually closing now:

{{screenshot taken at anna's blog, quote by her}}

  So, what do you say?  We all have one life.  Let's go live it.  :]



  1. I am sad about it being our last full month of summer too! :(

  2. "So, what do you say? We all have one life. Let's go live it. :]"
    Starting here and now.

  3. I am accepting the challenge, thanks for spreading the word!

    1. No problem! Glad to hear it. :3


  4. Caro my dear! I miss you terribly. I promise I'm trying to be online, but you're only awake while I'm at school or dance. :'''( <<tears of terrible sadness
    You need to gets yo self an iPod touch so I can text you.
    lovesies! !
    ~Britts xxxxxx

    1. I miss you, too, dearest. :'] It's alright, stupid time changes mess everything up! XD I know! Once I get one, I'll most definitely have to text you. ;]



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