Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well, Hello There, Summer!

  Oh my gosh.  It's HOT outside.

Screenshot taken from a few moments ago.

  So, as you can tell, summer is very much here!  I am actually currently sitting outside on the patio, right by my pool deck.  Like, really, the pool is RIGHT THERE.  Oy vey, it's hot out.  O.O

  So anyways, I'm not doing anything today, really.  I made a video that I have yet to download onto my computer, edit, etc.  It'll probably be REALLY long.  XD  Ah well, I might not even upload it onto my blog or Picasa or anything anyways!  ;]

{{I then return back inside to enjoy air conditioning again!}}

  But my oh-so exciting {note the sarcasm ;]} plans for the day include:

--Good Reads-ing
--Reading blogs
--Attending my brother's baseball game
--Lazing about

  Yep, just a hot, lazy, summer day for me.  :]

Lots of Love,


  1. What's your name on Polyvore? I'll follow you :) (thanks for all the comments, too :)

    1. I'm dancingdemigod on Polyvore! And you are? XD {{Oh, and no problem! I love to comment. :3}}


    2. I'm Sapphire902 ( I THINK) I'll get back to you on that ;)

    3. OPkay nevermind, it's sapphire910.

  2. Nice :) it's been pouring rain nonstop for 12 hours but it was ROASTINGinside and I couldn't get a proper sleep!

    1. I LOVE rain, but for twelve hours? Eek! :O Oh, I hate hot nights. >.<



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