Friday, July 6, 2012

Travel Blogging

{{While in the car today, I wrote blog posts, so I thought I'd post those for ya!}}

            Yo!  I’m currently in the car, writing this because . . . well, I felt like it.  I guess I could be doing other things, but I don’t want to at the moment.  And so I am writing a blog post on a Word Document {I don’t have wireless connection in the car, sadly}.  This won’t be happening by the time you read this.  XD

            But anyways!  So, we’ve been driving for about two hours.  It takes six hours to get to our destination, so I have lots of time left.  ;]  I haven’t done too much yet, but I might as well tell you what I’ve done thus far!

--Watched Chrissa Stands Strong

            I’m totes living, guys.  I mean, look at me.  In two hours I’ve done THREE whopping things!  WOOT.  XD  Ah, well.  I spent the majority of the time watching the movie anyways.
            So, as to what I plan to do, I have a list, too!

--Watch Grease {{It’s actually already in the DVD player}}
--Read {{The Hunger Games, if you were wondering}}
--Watch Hairspray
--And watch Soul Surfer {{if I have the time}}
--Text some more
--Snack some more

            Again, aren’t I living?  ;]  But really, there’s not too much that you can do in the car.  And I can’t complain, I guess, I’m not completely uncomfortable yet!

            So, that’s about all I have to say.  Time to watch Grease!  :D  I haven’t seen Grease in such a long time!  I mean, I tend to watch the same movies over and over, and Grease is one of those movies, but it’s okay.  I’ve kind of taken a break from it for quite some time.  It’s a shame, no?

            Well, I’ll talk to y’all later, when I have something more exciting to talk about.  XD

Lots of love,
P.S.- This is 320 words!  Whoa!  :D


            I’M BACK!  Didn’t ya miss me?  I’m sure you did.  ;]

            Well, I just finished watching Grease!  Gosh, I love that movie so much.  <3  I thought about one of my friends the whole time, basically.  We talk about Grease so much.  XD  I though about her especially when Sandy says, “Tell me about it, stud.”  She has the BEST impersonation of her!  Oh, fun times.  XD

            So, we stopped at a restaurant in the town that my grandparents used to live in!  It was good, even though I just had a corn dog and some lemonade.  XD  I love corn dogs . . . and lemonade. <3  There’s also this Amish store there, which is really cool.  I got this old fashioned hard candy, green apple flavor.  It is my FAVORITE candy of all time!  I always get it when we go through that town.

            But anyways, I’m just sitting in the car now.  About two hours and forty-five minutes until we arrive at our destination!  YAY!  I’m anxious to get there, just to get out of the car!  Well, not that’ll feel very nice out of the car.  It was 105 where we last stopped.  XP  Oh well, I’ll survive . . . hopefully.  JUST KIDDING.  XD

            I think I’m going to read now.  My mom’s actually reading my book {The Hunger Games, in case you forgot after reading that last little post} right now, but she said she’d give it to me.  I feel kind of bad for not letting her read more, though, it’s so awesome.  XD

Love and SUCH,
CaRoLyN J  {{That turns into a real smiley face on my word document.  If only it did on Blogger!  Well, perhaps it will, when I copy and paste everything. ;]}


P.S.- This is getting long!  With both blog posts, it’s now 627 words!

            I AM BACK AGAIN!  :D  Raise the roof!  Heh . . . I’m so funny, aren’t I? ;]

            So, I’ve been reading.  **snod**  I’m on page 68 right now.  WOOOOOOOOT!  {{I tend to use that word a lot.  XD}}

            I’m eating pretzels right now.   Pretzels are good.  They really are.  Because they’re salty and . . . pretzely! :D  I think I just wanted to write for NO reason specifically, because I have nothing to write about.  XD

            Hmm . . . well, we’re about 40 miles away until we’re there!  WOOT!  Oh, and it’s 109 degrees out right now.  Lovely, ain’t it?  XP  WE JUST SAW COWS!  THEY WERE SO CUTE!  THEY WERE IN WATER TO KEEP COOL!  AWWWW.  XD

            I think I should keep on writing until I find something else to write about.  Don’t you agree?  Hmm . . .

            Let’s make up a little tag thinger right now!

What Do You . . .

Smell: Not anything in particular!
Hear: A weird song from the 80’s called The Safety Dance that’s playing on 80’s on 8 on our satellite radio {Sirius XM!}
See: Well, my laptop, of course.  XD  But besides that, I see my laptop case, pillow, blanket, the car seat {not like a little kid car seat, like, the seat I’m sitting on}, the seats in front of me, my brother, his stuff, my parents, a screen {he’s watching a movie}, and the road!  YOU SEE LOTS OF THINGS IN THE CAR! :D
Feel: The keys on my fingers and the pretzels in my hand! XD

            Well, that was lovely.  XD  We’re pretty close to being there!  YAY!  WOOT!  HALLELUJAH!  AND OTHER HAPPY THINGS TO SAY!

            I’m off to read again!  c:  And drink an Arnold Palmer, if I can find one in our cooler.  XD

~CaRo-SaUcE <3

P.S.- Wow, I’m almost to 1,000 words on here!  I’m so surprised!  Quite happy, too.  So I need to ramble a bit, so I can end this post with exactly 1,000 words.  Uh . . . I see people GRILLING out my window.  There are lots of weird things that I am seeing all of a sudden.  XD  OH LOOK, A BASEBALL GAME!  Finally, it’s 1,000 words!


  1. I LOVE 80's on 8! I had it when my (it's my mom's :p) car was new, but then it got all old (and lost the new car smell :() and we need to pay for it now. Sad woot.
    I just discovered a fly in my iced coffee---I'm not drinking THAT anymore. Even sadder woot.
    ~Madeline :(

    1. Lol! I like it sometimes, not always. XD Yeah, we've still got it without having to pay. :3

      Oh lovely! XD



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