Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Room Tour and More Travel Blog Posts!

I apologize for any background voice.  My family was talking in another room and it was storming!  :O  I also apologize for bad lighting and yelling at my brother, me being weird, and how-in my shadow-my legs look like twigs.  XD

  Yep, I'm in Branson!  :D  It's so awesome here.  :3  I'm watching Cupcake Wars, just hanging out on my bed.  :]

  Well, here are some more travel blog posts, I really hope you enjoy these!

            Shalom everypony!  :3  We’re back on the road, travelling to our next destination.  Yes, we’re going to ANOTHER place.  We went to my grandparent’s house because it was their 50th anniversary, and they were having a party.  So we arrived late on Friday and just hung out there with family.  Then the next day, Saturday, was their party. T hat was only two hours from two to four at their church.  I hung out with my cousin, her friend, and my cousin’s cousin.  :]  Then we went home and did our own thing until we went to a BBQ and fireworks show.  It was fun!  It was at a farm and I hung out with my cousin’s cousin and her friends.  They were all so funny!  We got home late and went to bed.  XD  Then we woke up this morning and went to church, then went out to eat, and went home to pack up to go to our actual vacation spot.  It’s 1:30 currently, and we’ll be there by 3:36.  Not a bad car ride, really.  :]
            So anyways, we just passed into another state!  Wootersauce. XD  We’re already in the state that our destination is in, and we were literally JUST in a different state.  Why?  The town’s on the border.  HOW CRAZY.  It’s bordering-like-two states, actually.  Shamazing.  ;]
            So, I’m just sitting in the car.  I’m going to do that tag I did on our last car ride.  Lemme just copy and paste it . . .

What Do You . . .
Smell: Not anything in particular again!  XD
Taste: Green apple hard candy.  It’s amazing, to say the least.
Hear: A song on the radio . . . our Garmin {or Garmen? XD} is up on our screen, so I can’t see the title.  I know the song, I just don’t know the name to it.
See: Lots of things. XD  My laptop, laptop case, pillow, and lots and lots more.  XD
Feel: Just the keys on my fingers.  On my arms I feel the pillow.  SOFT.  :3

            So yes.  That’s really all I have to say.  I’m going to watch a movie in a while, maybe.  I’m going to read now, though.  YAY!  Just an update, I’m on page 75.  I’m just awesome like that.  ;]
Signing off,

            AND I’M BACK!  :D  We’re only 33 minutes away from our destination, and I’m so excited.  :3  Really, truly, excited.  :]

            But anyways!  So, I’m just sitting here {as most people do-or at least, should do-while in the car} listening to my iPod, writing this, and gazing at all the billboards and limestone bluffs that are surrounding us.  When I see another, I’ll snap a picture and insert it somewhere around here.  XD

            So, I’m going to update you of all the songs I’ve been listening to.  It’s on shuffle, as usual.  :]  Right now I’m listening to Dancing Queen by ABBA.  I have no idea why I love ABBA so much . . . It’s just another sign why I should’ve been born in a different era.  ;]

            So, everything I’ve done in the car thus far today:

--Read {{now on page 111!}}
--Ate some chips {{XD}}
--Wrote again
--Listened to music

            I am such a liver.  :]  {{And not like the liver in your body, like a person who lives.  XD}}

            I’m now listening to King of Anything by Sara Bareilles.  Fun fact!  I sang this song in a local singing competition and got fifth place!  My brother got first.  :]  But the voting’s kind of odd and biased because if someone has a pack of people there for them, they’re obviously going to win.  XD  I felt that some of the winners didn’t deserve it, but ah well.  I had fun.  :3

            The song that is now playing is Anchor by Mindy Gledhill.  I think that this would be such a beautiful song to do a ballet or lyrical dance to.  It’s such a lovely song.  <3
            Ugh.  My ears have been popping.  The road is going up and down and up and down.  And I mean up, up, up, and down, down, down, down, down.  XD  {{That was creepy, as I italicized ‘down’, Mindy said down.  :o  CREEPY.

            Goodness, these bluffs are crazy!  I took lots of pictures!

            OHMIGOSH!  IT’S YEAR 3000 BY THE JONAS BROTHERS!  Gosh, I love this song.  I know, I’m immature and weird.  I listen to old Jonas Brothers songs, but this song takes me back to when it was popular and I LOVED them.  XD  I had a poster up of Nick Jonas in my room and I once kissed his poster.  O.o  Heh.  I’m not a weird person.  GOSH.

            So . . . this is getting rambly.  But that’s okay.  I’m enjoying this.  XD  I just saw a zip lining place.  I think going zip lining would be so fun, but so terrifying.  I guess I should just be like the Dauntless.  {{Divergent reference.  XD}}

            Now I am listening to Popular from Wicked.  I absolutely LOVE Wicked.  Actually, I got a book for my French horn that has Wicked songs in it.  I am such a theater geek.  XD

           POPULAR!  YOU’RE GOING TO BE POPULAR!  I love this song.  Kristen Chenoweth is just hilarious and has such an awesome voice.  :3  POPULAR! . . . LAR!  This song makes me want to sing so badly, but I know I shouldn’t because my parents are listening to the radio and my brother’s listening to his own iPod and reading.  We’re so divided.  XD  Another thing about this song, it makes me unable to concentrate on writing.  I just love it too much.  :D

            Holy poop, people.  This word document {it has all of my blog posts on it, from going to our first destination is about 2,000 words right now!  :O

            ANYWHO!  Guess what!  ON THE RADIO, IT’S A SONG BY CARLY RAE JEPSEN AND OWL CITY!  THAT’S SO AWESOME!  I love them both!  <3

            Well, I’m going to go now, we’re really close!  Twelve minutes!  YAY!

P.S.- This is 2,025 words!


  1. It was my great aunt's 50th wedding anniversary, too! They got a letter from P. Obama.
    I thought I was the only girl/teenager who listens to ABBA. <3


      Oh no, you're not! XD My friend Sara likes ABBA, too! :D


  2. P.S. You know their making a movie out of Divergent, right? EXCITED WOOT!

    1. OHMIGOSH! :O I'M SO EXCITED! Thanks for telling me! Have you read it?


    2. Yes, I have. My mom wasn't sure about it (I read the Hunger Games though.....) but she let me anyway. The funny part is I look *sorta* like Christina (from descriptions from the book)!
      I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

    3. My mom doesn't really ask about what I'm reading. XD I tell her if it's bad, but besides that, she doesn't mind too much. And that's cool! :D


  3. Did I tell you I nominated you? Sorry I just can't remember..... here's the link:

    1. You didn't, but thanks so much for telling me now! :D


  4. It's awesome that you're in Branson! I go there a lot, and we go to Silver Dollar City too.

    1. Oh, awesome! I come here every other year! :3



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