Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WICKED MUSIC {{Pun Intended}} . . . And Other Stuff

--Art means glitter, which means my shamazing Glitter Buddies <3
--Chugging down lots of A&W Cream Soda
--Wishing it was sweater season {and it's obviously not, because we've been getting out early for heat nearly every day thus far}
--New ballet shoes
--WICKED MUSIC {{pun intended}}

  School's been pretty good.  I've honestly made a best {guy} friend already.  :]  I do very much enjoy talking to him, he's one of my Glitter Buddies, you see.  XD

  Dance starts tomorrow, and I have Nutcracker try-outs this Sunday, so I'm just VERY excited right now.  :]


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  1. My jazz/ballet starts tomorrow, too! Right after jazz is ballet, so I'll either have to have an early dinner or a late one. Ehh. That's the cost for doing what I love. <3 :)


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