Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goodbye, October!

  So, I haven't posted in a long while . . . eek.  I apologize.  XP  I last posted at the BEGINNING of October, and today's Halloween, or otherwise known as the last day of October.  I really am extremely sorry, guys.  But I do hope you forgive me!

  So, October was a rather good month!  Full of fall colors, smells, sights, and sounds.  :]  My dad's birthday was the 19th and my brother's birthday was 24th, and they're both A YEAR OLDER!  :O  That's the oldest they've ever been!  :D  I've had lotsandlots of dance, which is AWESOME.  :3  And for Halloween, I didn't dress up, but I do have a costume to wear . . . for our Halloween dance TOMORROW!  <3

  So, I am very really extremely excited for November!  Let's compile a list of great things that will happen once November is here!


NaNoWriMo is starting tomorrow, and I'm going to try my absolute hardest to achieve my goal of 25,000 words!  :D  I'm writing the sequel to my first NaNoWriMo book, The Fall of Olympus: Storm!  :3  I'm really utterly excited to become re-acquainted with all my lovely characters!  :]

The Fall Dance!

Tomorrow is also the day of my first school dance of the year!  :]  It's a fall/Halloween dance, and there's a costume contest!  :D  I'm dressing up in an extremely comfy costume that's quite original, if I do say so myself.  ;]  What is it, you ask?

  And if you guessed Harry Potter, you're wrong.  Who else wears circular, black, glasses?

. . . 


  So yes, I am very excited for the dance.  I'll be slow dancing with my lovely friends, because we're all #foreveralone.  XD  {{#hashtagswag #hashtagsdontbelongonblogsbutidontcare}}


The new One Direction CD comes out on November 13, and I am COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS!  Ahhh, so excited, as I am me, the obsessive fangirl Directioner!  :D Which reminds me, my Jack-o-Lantern this year was the 1D symbol.  ;D

And also on the 13th, Reached by Allie Condie-the third book in the Crossed series-is coming out!  I can't wait for this, either!  <3

MY BIRTHDAY!  {{And my mom's.  XD}}

I am SO excited for my birthday!  November 17th, only 17 days away!  :]  We're having our family birthday party this weekend, and my birthday party with friends will be on the 16th and 17th!  :D

My mom's birthday is on the 30th, too!  :D  We're both November birthdays!  ;]

~ ~ ~ 

  So, I've got a LOT to look forward to in November, and that's not even all of it!  :3  November's going to be a good month.  I can just feel it.(:


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