Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seven Sleeps 'til Santa!

  I can NOT believe that in just a WEEK, it'll be Christmas day!  I am honestly so extremely excited for Christmas, I can not even begin to explain it.  XD

  So, Christmas break is coming up really soon!  It's Tuesday,-obviously-and I'll 100% be going to school tomorrow.  Then, Wednesday night, we're supposed to get a huge winter storm!  :D  So, the likelyhood of actually having school on Thursday is becoming slim, which makes me oh-so happy.  ;)  So, if we have a snow day on Thursday, that means that we only have FRIDAY until break!  I honestly would have no problem with going to school on Friday because we're having winter activities all day instead of actual classes.  OH YES!  XD  {{And, my dad also said that-due to the weather, since it's supposed to snow all Thursday, too-we might not even have school on Friday at all!}}  I am SO happy!

  Really, Christmas is coming so fast, and I can't believe it!  Just a week and I'll be waking up and feeling way too excited.  XD  Eeep, I am so excited that I am seriously feeling excited RIGHT NOW, as I right this.  Carolyn, calm yourself.

  As you can easily tell, I am just a tad excited for Christmas!  :D  I've been posting some Christmas videos on my YouTube channel, if you'd like to check those out . . . and I'd really love it if you did.  ;3




  1. Where do you live?! There isn't really an chance of snow in PA. So, did it snow? :)

    1. I can not share that online. It DID snow, though! If you read my most recent post, you'd know that. :)



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